Reading and other Goals for 2017

Now that 2016 is behind us we can jump start our plans for the new year. There are a few things I’m hoping to accomplish this year, so I minds well type out these goals and check them over as the year goes on.




  1. Less Twitter- Twitter is one of my favorite websites, yet I need to tweet less and put my attention on more important things. My goal for 2017 is to tweet only ten times a day. So far I’ve only tweeted five times this year, so things are going smooth so far.

  2. 2. No Goodreads Reading Challenge. Last year I failed to read 40 books, so instead of trying my luck at reaching this goal again I will just read what I can and not worry about reaching a goal.  Reading is not a  sport, so why treat it like it is one? Right now I’m reading from Sarah J Mass’s A Court of Mist and Fury. It’s going to take me some time to read such a fantastic, yet bulky story. Sarah J Mass makes my jaw drop.

  3. Learn new languages-  I’ve always been eager to learn a different language, so I signed up for two classes on French and German from So far I’m really enjoying the content. c’est  absolument fastastique!


     4.  Take More Photos- I bought a camera last year and took some really great shots. Sadly my HP lap top went down, yet I still have most of those photos still on my camara or on social media. It’s amazing what beauty you can capture in an image.




5. Show My Faith- I feel that many who claim to be of a certain faith really do not show it. I want to be a massager, revealing Christ to this dark world. Showing my faith doesn’t mean being perfect or trying to do good things it only means showing people how far Christ has gone for me.

6. Read More Books from certain genres- I’d like to read some more alternate fiction in 2017. I’d like to study different historical figures. I mostly read fantasy and young adult, yet there is  a bunch of alternate fiction books waiting to be opened.

7. Learn how to Drive- Last year I received my learners permit. I’m feeling more comfortable driving now, so I’m hopeful to take the test soon. Hope my driving instructor is pleasant.


8. Create a YouTube channel. I’ve thought about doing this for a while. Maybe I’ll finally do it this year. Like y’all need more of me in your life.


9.  Travel- I want to travel. I want to visit new places. Hopefully I get some chances this year.

10. publish my Novel- The number one goal for 2017 is to publish my novel. I’m still halfway through the first draft, yet the pieces are falling together. My dream of being an author is actually coming true. I’m at a loss for words.

So those are a few of my goals for the new year. Share your New Years resolutions with me.



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