Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

First off, allow me to say that I firmly believe Netflix should be paying me by now to write reviews. We could have a great partnership going here.  It could lead me to my own great fortune. Anyways forget about my unfortunate events and take a moment of your time to read my review on this peachy, new series. Please do not look away!

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A Series of Unfortunate Events is  based on the children book series by author Lemony Snicket. There was also a film based on the books from 2004 starring Jim Carey as Count Olaf which in my opinion, wasn’t   a  terrible film, yet the newest TV version on Netflix stars Neil Patrick Harris as the sinister villain and boy did Netflix hit this one out of the park. Another notable actor is Patrick Warburton who portrays the author himself, narrating most of the dreadful scenes.

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Unlike in most children stories there are really no happy endings for the three Baudelaire siblings named Violet, Klaus, and Sunny in that order. Suddenly while relaxing at a beach during a terrible storm the children are given grave news  on behave of their parents recent death. Under the watchful eye of their family banker named Mr. Poe, he transfers the children to their new home. As if things weren’t already unfortunate,  the Baudelaire children are placed under the care of a distant relative who goes by the sir name of Count Olaf. Count Olaf is actually not a relative. He’s a wicked actor planning to take all of the Baudelaire children’s  family fortune. Fortunately   these siblings are intelligent and resourceful youths. Sadly they cannot use any of their fortune until the proper adult age.

The show is very entertaining. It’s the type of show and book that is so quirky it actually makes most sense. I can’t say it enough how amazing Neil Patrick Harris was in this role.  Count Olaf seem like a talented actor to me with all of his useful disguises. His theatre trope are also so deviously charming they make me hope they have a better future ahead rather than working for such a forbidden, vile person. The young stars who portray  the Baudelaire siblings are also bright and shining in their roles. I’m eager to see what happens next, during seasons two and three.


Rafael Nadal is a True Champion

Last night in Austrialian Open’s 2nd men’s semi final Rafael Nadal battled, served, and volleyed   to the final shot against his  Belgin opponent.  It took 5 brutal sets for Nadal to break Gregor Dimitrov’s wicked serve leading toward another epic victory. The Spanish phenom is set to face his long time rival Roger Federer in the Aussie final. This will be the twenty first time Nadal has made a grand slam final apperance. As today went by I thought back to how much Rafael Nadal has impacted my life. 


Back in late 2003  around 7 or 8 years old I was diagnosed with a very rare disorder. Since 2004 I’ve had infusions. I barely remember much of that time, yet I do remember what kept my focus off this daunting challenge at such a young age. One day in the summer of 2005,  I woke from a short nap. When I came upstairs i remember finding my mom watching two dudes playing a sport with a bouncy green ball on a clay surface. I had never watched tennis before.  I had no idea who Roger Federer was or this young teenager from Spain, but soon I found out. I sat and watched as the man in the capris defeated his future rival setting him up for his very first French Open final. Since then I’ve been hooked to tennis and been an epic fan of Rafael Nadal for about 13 years. 


Rafael Nadal had a great impact on my childhood. I idolized him. The few times I played tennis in our front yard I’d mimic his tactics  and determination.  I’ve probably watched about 85 percent of his matches  over the years.  While getting infusions in the morning I try my best to watch every single French Open and Wimbldon match I can.  Most days I get to finish the matches Rafael Nadal is a part of. I also remember  my nurses staring at the TV screen, asking who is this good looking dude? 





One of the major points to Nadal’s game is his confidence. He has his certain quirks which can really bring his level of play down at times, yet he also has this ability to overcome those obstacles. Rafa gives his all in every match. Whether he wins or loses he always brings his A game.  He’s also an incredible humble person. 



Nadal has not won a grand slam final since 2014. He had some difficult seasons lately, yet the king of Clay has officially returned. Roger Federer is also playing well. As a huge fan, I’m  just really excited for him and Roger to be facing each other again in a grand slam final. Just like old times. Thank you Rafael Nadal for given me the confidence to face my fears. You will always be the champion in my heart. 

My Reading Habits

I think I’m a pretty random person when it comes to reading. I notice some readers sort of have a plan or say a routine to reading while I’m more the type to read at any given time.  I probably read at least 4-5 days in a week.


When I’m reading I like to do it a few times a day. Normally I’ll read for maybe thirty minutes in the morning and return to the same novel hours later.  Normally I try to finish each book I start within a week or two. I have so many novels to read or soon to be read that I kind of force myself into finishing them faster which usually is not such a problem. I like to read at least two books at once. It really helps me to keep my focus and interest alive.

When I’m reading I’m normally sipping at a glass of water, juice, sometimes a hot chocolate or even a milkshake. It’s bizarre I know, yet I just cannot read without drinking something.  I’m a big fan of H20. I usually drink at least six glasses of water a day or every other day. Somehow I do not go to the bathroom as much as you’d think after drinking so much water in one setting. The most glasses of water I’ve drank in one day was seventeen. I think that is the closest a man will ever get at feeling pregnant.

 Some months I read more often. Other months I get behind which makes me sad, but that is silly. My attention sort of switches on and off based on the novel I’m reading or whatever is going on in my life at the moment. The average number of pages I read is about twenty or less. On my best reading days I can scroll over 100 pages in one day. My favorite genre’s are young adult and fantasy.

 Lately I’ve been reading more often in the evening. I switch into my PJ’s and grab a book. Reading is such a great escape from social media or the television. Plus it helps me to fall asleep faster.

What are your reading habits normally like?  Are some similar to mine? What did you think of this post?  I would like to start doing more chatty posts like this. People seem interested with my life and thoughts,  so I’ll give the people what they desire. Let me know your thoughts below 🙂



Lets face it humans are the most hypocritical and blameful beings on earth. We like to judge others. Whenever a celebrity or a local town fool does something incredible stupid we jump into social media mode and attack, attack, attack! We enjoy throwing stones at  houses made out of glass.  Worst of all is how we cannot blame ourselves.  Yes, you do make mistakes just like everyone else you’re blaming you sinful beast!  For some reason, man  finds a thrill from judgment. We look at judgement like an end to all of our problems which is really a lame excuse. Man really likes to blame God for all the faults and problems within the world we call home aka planet earth. Ironic isn’t it?

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It can be difficult to explain to somehow how God is not at fault. He is the creator of our universe, so why is he left out of blame? Why can God not wave his hand around removing all of our problems at once? If God did that I would be so better off right? If you look at it that way you’re failing to see the truth behind sin. Is God at fault if we make the mistake?

 Right now I’m taking a US history course. At the moment we’re studying the exploration and colonization period.  Recently I watched a video on YouTube. From a short scene in the program mentioned how important tobacco and cotton trade was in the late 18 hundreds. The work was completed by slavery. Today slavery as well as smoking tobacco is seen as wrong. Who is at fault for slavery and smoking tobacco? Man or God? Did God create tobacco to be inhaled which can do some heavy damage on our lungs? God tells us to treat our bodies like a temple. Tobacco was taken by man to be used for selfish pleasure. Likewise is slavery.  Slavery is like making a man into his own god, bullying a group of people. It’s relatable to how a child does something wrong, yet denies it and blames the parent.

I understand why this topic confuses people, yet I  firmly believe that the faults of our world cannot be blamed on God, because God has nothing to do with them. God is of love, not hatred. He does not seek wrath upon His people. Terrible things do happen and most of them could easily be blamed on man not God. Instead of blaming others we should share the grace of God with all people. Lets build each other up.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God. -Romans 8:28

My January TBR

For the month of January I’ve kept my TBR low and simple. So far this month I’m reading from two novels( Jo Hart’s The Last Girl and Sarah J Maas’s A Court of Mist and Fury). 2017 Should be a  fantastique year of reading. I’m eager to get over my 2016 reading slump and bring loads of book related content to my blog. I also cannot wait to check everyone else’s book posts out as the year goes along. Dare I also say that I may create a Booktube page? Stay tuned for that update.


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The Last Girl is the debut novel of Jo Hart’s  Dominion Trilogy. It was published March 1st of 2016. A rare epidemic  has dropped the percentage of female birthrate severely.  Scientists and governments worldwide search for a cure that would never be found. Twenty five years later the story takes place from the eyes of Zoey a young lass who is only one of the few thousand’s of female’s left on planet earth. She and others are housed in a scientist research compound being treated like test rats. She has not seen her family for many years. Zoey and the rest of the young women believe that they’re the only survivors left. Zoey has been in confinement all of her life, yet she’s hopeful to find freedom. Escaping the compound is no easy task, yet she does not want to be a part of the next crazy test which no one had ever survived before.

So far I’ve read over 100 pages of this book. I’m not head over heels about this story, but it is keeping my interest. Once she escapes  the compound, I know it’s going to get real!

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Sarah J Maas continues to flip my mind with A Court of Mist and Fury which is the 2nd installment from the first novel A Court of Thorns and Roses.  Life continues to cripple young Feyre as she overcomes the struggles of court life and all that rubbish. She’s now become the high Fae, yet since she still has some humanity left the terrible deeds she had performed to save Tamlin’s life bring her much misery. This book is so long, yet so good! The final installment should be breathe taking.

So those are the two novels I’m reading from this month. I’d like to start in on Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children toward the end of January.  Hopefully whenever I complete the rough draft of my novel I will get back into reading hundreds of books a month. Ok maybe not that many, but you get the picture. What books are on your January TBR?

The Bowden Dynasty

Fathom Events hosted a documentary on the life  of legendary  college football head coach Bobby Bowden. Being such a fanatic of Florida State athletics I had to see this film, so I went with my cousin Dan( also a Seminoles fan) to a local showing Sunday night. It’s a powerful film that I think even Gator and Hurricane fans would enjoy. The Bowden Dynasty is a story of faith, family and football.

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I was happy to see the theatre packed with  Seminole fans from around the area. It kind of felt like being at a game when viewers clapped and cheered  during certain clips shown in the film. It would be pretty cool to watch football games on the big screen at the movies.

The Bowden Dynasty began with Bobby Bowden and his wife Anne Bowden driving home to Alabama after a Florida St victory at the All American Bowl  against Indiana. While listening to the local radio station news had broke on the head coaching vacancy at the University of Alabama. Bobby Bowden was becoming a household name in college football. He was crafting the Seminoles into the team we Nole fans adore.  Bobby Bowden had made claims that he desired to coach at Alabama. He grew up cheering for the Tide, yet something gave him the impression to remain at Florida State long term. Seminole fans were probably all shouting Praise God!

Throughout the film we get one on one commentary from the legendary coach himself. Bowden’s passion for football and faith was beautifully illustrated within this film. He’s a southern gentlemen. The only salty word he speaks is his famous ” dad gum it,”  Other notable Florida State alum such as Peter Warrick, Warrick Dunn, Chris Weinke, Charlie Ward, Derrick Brooks, Lee Corso, Burt Reynolds   and many more spoke about their opinion of Bobby Bowden. Bobby Bowden is truly the godfather of Florida State. He basically took a good for nothing football program and magnified it into what it has become today. He instilled his vision into his players. Not only did he teach his players how to win ball games, yet he also instructed them on to become men.


Bobby Bowden means so much to the Seminole fanbase. As a fan I’ve always idolized him. He comes across like a wise, witty, and kind hearted grandfather. His love is shown on his sleeves. He’s made a difference in so many young boys and girls lives.  His last few seasons weren’t so great, yet I’ll always cherish those moments when  he stood on the sideline at Doak Campbell Stadium in a total of thirty four years.  Florida State University is very blessed to have him as a representative of their school. They would not be where they’re without Bobby Bowden. Go Noles!

Reading and other Goals for 2017

Now that 2016 is behind us we can jump start our plans for the new year. There are a few things I’m hoping to accomplish this year, so I minds well type out these goals and check them over as the year goes on.




  1. Less Twitter- Twitter is one of my favorite websites, yet I need to tweet less and put my attention on more important things. My goal for 2017 is to tweet only ten times a day. So far I’ve only tweeted five times this year, so things are going smooth so far.

  2. 2. No Goodreads Reading Challenge. Last year I failed to read 40 books, so instead of trying my luck at reaching this goal again I will just read what I can and not worry about reaching a goal.  Reading is not a  sport, so why treat it like it is one? Right now I’m reading from Sarah J Mass’s A Court of Mist and Fury. It’s going to take me some time to read such a fantastic, yet bulky story. Sarah J Mass makes my jaw drop.

  3. Learn new languages-  I’ve always been eager to learn a different language, so I signed up for two classes on French and German from So far I’m really enjoying the content. c’est  absolument fastastique!


     4.  Take More Photos- I bought a camera last year and took some really great shots. Sadly my HP lap top went down, yet I still have most of those photos still on my camara or on social media. It’s amazing what beauty you can capture in an image.




5. Show My Faith- I feel that many who claim to be of a certain faith really do not show it. I want to be a massager, revealing Christ to this dark world. Showing my faith doesn’t mean being perfect or trying to do good things it only means showing people how far Christ has gone for me.

6. Read More Books from certain genres- I’d like to read some more alternate fiction in 2017. I’d like to study different historical figures. I mostly read fantasy and young adult, yet there is  a bunch of alternate fiction books waiting to be opened.

7. Learn how to Drive- Last year I received my learners permit. I’m feeling more comfortable driving now, so I’m hopeful to take the test soon. Hope my driving instructor is pleasant.


8. Create a YouTube channel. I’ve thought about doing this for a while. Maybe I’ll finally do it this year. Like y’all need more of me in your life.


9.  Travel- I want to travel. I want to visit new places. Hopefully I get some chances this year.

10. publish my Novel- The number one goal for 2017 is to publish my novel. I’m still halfway through the first draft, yet the pieces are falling together. My dream of being an author is actually coming true. I’m at a loss for words.

So those are a few of my goals for the new year. Share your New Years resolutions with me.

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