First off Merry Christmas!

The other day at our local Bible book shop( which is sadly going out of business) I picked up a copy of Lecrae’s novel titled Unashamed. Lecrae is an insanely talented rap artist. His novel was basically a review of his life’s achievements,  biggest fails, and also revealing God’s presence in his life. Lecrae is a true warrior for Christ. He wears his faith like a badge of honor.

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I enjoyed this novel very much. It was an inspiring book to read as we celebrate the gift of Christmas. I admire Lecrae’s message. He doesn’t identify himself a Christian artist, because there is no art without God. He mention difficult moments from his childhood like living without a true father figure which lead to his love for hip hop.

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Lecrae grew up feeling like an outsider which is exactly how I see the image of Christianity.  God create this world, yet He’s not of this world. There is good and there is evil. We get to choose what we represent. Being a Christian doesn’t make us perfect nor should we think it does. It just means we’re different which is ok. If we want none believers to think we’re not boastful hypocrites we should reflect the  “true” image of God.  Our job is to represent Christ around believers of other faiths, atheist, and fellow Christ followers. I’m saved. yet I’m still broken. We have our ups and downs, yet God is always going to have our backs. That is living with a Biblical worldview.  Lecrae has revolutionized the boundaries between his faith and his craft. He walks the walk within a society that does not want nothing to do with God. A true statement to WWJD? Keep up the good fight brother.


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