Top Ten Tuesday- Books I Wouldn’t mind Santa Bringing Me

First off who else cannot believe Christmas is only five days away?  I already have hints on what I’m going to get, yet if any of these books magically land underneath our Christmas tree I wouldn’t mind at all.

  1. Any updated cover version of Harry Potter- I only have the original seven book covers. There are many new and prettier designs out there, so I’d like a few of those.

  2. 2. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austin

I’m looking to read a few feminine novels. Pride and Prejudice is a classic I’m actually eager to read it, yet I have not found a copy. Maybe Misses Claus has few laying in her book case?

     3. Heartless- Marissa Meyer

Heartless is an Alice and Wonderland retelling about the sinister Red Queen. This is a book I definitely want to read.

     4. Alice in Wonderland- Lewis Carroll.

Yes, I’ve never read Alice in Wonderland. I feel so sorry to the book community that I have not read a single sentence from this incredible novel. That will change if someone were to buy me a copy for Christmas. It’s wishful thinking.


   5. Library of Souls- Ransom Rings.

 I already bought books one and two of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, so I’d like to have the completed series in my bookshelf. I did purchase Miss Peregrine’s Funko Pop figure yesterday from Target. It’s so cool!

6. All the Light We Cannot See- Anthony Dofe

This is one book I’ve been wanting to read, yet never have. It’s very expensive even still today and I think the book was published in 2014? It takes place during WW2,  I must read it and hopefully soon.

7. Go Set A Watchman- Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird brought me joy while reading from it this passed summer. I’d like to see what happens in the sequel. It feels weird to me that Harper Lee waited so long to create a sequel, but whatever floats your boat.

8. The Diabolic- S. J Kincaid

Recently this book hit the shelves. It has been getting many positive reviews from GoodReads and BookTube hosts. The story sounds epic.

9. A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens

Last night I was watching Patrick Stewart’s 1999 A Christmas Carol. This story has always fascinated me, so I’d love to read the novel on Christmas day with chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Ok that was cheesy.

10. Never Fade- Alexandra Bracken

 The Darkest Minds is my favorite novel I read in 2016. I cannot wait to read the 2nd novel. This story blew my mind!

Those are ten novels I’d love to get for Christmas. Maybe Santa will bring them? What ten books are you hoping for? I also hope you have a Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday- Books I Wouldn’t mind Santa Bringing Me”

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird is still one of my favourites too! I guess that’s why I’m a little nervous about reading her sequel. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one. I’m still curious, like you, and judge for myself.

    She actually wrote Go Set a Watchman as To Kill a Mockingbird’s first draft. Her lawyer found it in her safety deposit box and gave it to her agent. I also remember there being some controversy around its publication but I don’t remember what it was about.

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