I’m at a loss for words. Craig Sager the heart and soul of sports commentary has passed away at the age of sixty five. His battle with leukemia is over, leaving us  all heart broken. 

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He seem like such a light hearted person. He wore such colorful outfits. Truthfully speaking, most of his suites were hideous, yet likewise to Mr. Rogers I was always curious to see what he would be wearing next. Craig Sager was a genuine person. His world wasn’t about white or black. To him all that mattered was his love for the game of basketball. He will be best known for his time as a side line reporter from TBS and TNT. There is so many cherished moments he had with players and coaches especially  with San Antonio Spurs head coach Greg popovich. In 2016 Craig Sager was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame.  He also won the Jimmy V Perseverance  Award  at the ESPY’s this passed summer, giving a dynamic speech.

Over the last two years, while battling Leukemia  Sager became even more iconic to the NBA.   Likewise to what Mike Greenberg said the other day on Mike and Mike, Craig Sager was the type of person who just made you smile and laugh. That was his persona. 


Now that he’s passed we’re trapped with only his memories to keep us gleeful. As a person born with a rare disorder men and women like Craig Sager gain  all my respect. We fight each day. Some days we fall flat as if life is mocking our weaknesses. Craig Sager kept smiling even in the most difficult of times. He remained strong.  His life is now a symbol of hope and that will never die. 


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