Netflix The Crown: Season One Review

 Netflix continues to dazzle. The Crown is a fresh and creative series created by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank  Pictures as well as Sony Pictures Television. No offense Duck Dynasty, but  The Crown is about a true, royal, dynasty. The Crown is a beautifully illustrated series about  young Elizabeth’s II rise to becoming Queen of Great Britain  and the drama that  would come along with it. FYI Queen Elizabeth II is the longest standing queen since Queen Victoria.

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 Soon after their  wedding Elizabeth and Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh{ Matt  Smith} quickly arrive back in London after the sudden death of her father King George VI. Right away, Queen Elizabeth must deal with British politics and  other royal affairs.  Certain high members of parliament urge their young  and modest queen to request  the British Bulldog { John Lithgow} to step down from his role as prime minister. Age was the only enemy Sir Winston Churchill could not overcome.

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Overall I really enjoyed this series. I love the way this series was filmed.  It captured the moments  perfectly drawing its viewers back in time.  It’s just crazy to see how different people acted or the clothing they wore not so long ago. Learning interesting nuggets about British history has always fancied me. Claire Foy did a stellar job portraying her royal highness. The rivalry between Queen Elizabeth and her sister Princess Margaret{ Vanessa Kirby} kept me on the edge of my seat. Being from a royal family would be so stressful. To the world a king died. In her shoes it was her father who had died, yet she had to deal with more important matters. Matt Smith was also clever as the royal Duke. I enjoyed his munchyness. He could come across as rude, yet I totally understand where he was coming from. His wife is the queen, so she’s wearing both the pants and the crown in this marriage. Being chopped liver is no fun.

The absolute best acting job of this series goes to John Lithgow. He was absolutely perfect as Winston Churchill the sly, old, dog he was. I’ve always thought of John Lithgow as a comedian, so seeing him in this role was surprising.  John Lithgow deserves major props for this role. Brilliant job, by him, by far. One point to this series I enjoyed the most is how there wasn’t a ton of romantic scenes. Finally a show that you won’t have to turn off the TV or turn down the volume when others are around.

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I believe  The Crown was only a mini series. I’m anxious to find out if the success from season one will lead to a season two. The Crown was spectacular. I’m not sure there is a place for royalty in modern times, yet I do see why Europeanors enjoy it so much.  In summary I must end this post with a famous quote: God Save the Queen!


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