Becoming an Author #2 Brainstorming and Plotting

Hello again guys. Since the election has ended and I’ve gotten passed the whole world is coming to an end stage I think it’s time to start blogging again. Sadly my lap top crashed last weekend. I still have no idea what happen, yet I’m hopeful to get it fixed soon.The drafts of novels I’m looking to publish are safely on emails, so I still have those in case my lap top has to go to the cyber graveyard. Anyways without my lap top I’ve not been able to write or type at all. This is fine, because I was sort of taking a short break from writing,  yet I’m feeling deprived right now. During the summer I created a blog post on becoming an author. I got a positive response to that blog, so I think I’ll continue this topic. Today I wanted to talk about two very important steps every writer faces. Lets start off with brainstorming.

Originally I thought brainstorming and plotting were about the same thing. Boy was I wrong. Before you can plot you should have thoroughly brainstormed your novel. Brainstorming is challenging. It will take an enormous  amount of time, yet it’s one of my favorite steps. It’s sort of like taking a paint brush and filling a canvas will all sorts of colors. Not all of our brainstorming ideas will enter the scene, yet it does give us a chance to mix and mash our ideas. When I get an idea from brainstorming i take it as far as I can. When you’ve completed the brainstorming step begin with plotting. If you brainstormed correctly then plotting should come more naturally.

When I first started writing I usually just wrote everything down that came to my mind.  I’ve always thought of myself more as a pantser, yet I’m converting over to the plotter side. Plotting is very important. I’m still confused on what style of plotting works best for me. Originally I only knew about the traditional way to plot a story. Every writer has his or her own way of plotting, so make sure to research and find your style. There is no Harry Potter nor Pirates of the Caribbean without a plot.


Brainstorming and plotting are not the most simplest steps, yet they can lead any idea to success.  I’ve been crafting my novel since the fall of 2014. The story I’m working on now is very different from what I originally had in mind. It feels strange changing a story, yet if it makes it better go for it.  Almost everyday I get new and sometimes better ideas, because of brainstorming. This leads to changing the plot around. it gets annoying, yet Rome was not built in a day. As long as you stick to the plot’s main message, everything will turn out fine.


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