This Savage Song- Victoria Schwab

In a city divided amongst monsters and men two worlds collide. On one side there is Kate Harker, a rebellious teenager who seeks to cause pain likewise to her father who  allows monsters to attack humans within his city while he plays the monster bounty hunter. Then there is August Flynn a light-hearted boy who means no harm, seeking to protect the innocent. The problem for August is that he’s really a monster who can devour souls when playing his violin. Recently Kate had been transferred into a new school. This was the sixth time she’d been kicked out of her previous schools. August is meant to spy on Kate, but once Kate figures out what he really is things go berserk.

Image result for this savage song

I believe this is the first novel by Victoria Schwab I’ve ever read. I will definitely be reading more of her creation in the future. This Savage Song brought a new spin into the usual dystopian world. Both Kate and August were complex characters. They showed their light and dark side at times. IMO Kate got less  attention earlier in the book, but I still was able to find a connection with her. My heart goes out to August. His character reminded me so much of Pinocchio’s story. August does not want to be the bad guy. August had no say on being a monster. He only wants to do what is right. On the other hand, Kate is thrilled to cause chaos. She tries so hard to be a villain, yet she’s clearly trying to seek love from her father which she may never get.

This Savage Song was a fantastic read. I cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel


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