How I Became a Reader Tag

So I’ve noticed this tag floating around the web and thought it would be pretty cool to get my experience of reading out there. I know it shocks everyone, but I love to read books! I find these  how I became a reader stories so encouraging, because those stories are similar to my own. Clearly I cannot remember exactly how I got into reading, yet reading books has been a part of my life for a very long time. As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a book within  my grasp. It all started within a small, local library.

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When I was young and fresh my mom would take my brother and me to a local library. This library was pretty small, yet it had an enormous amount of books. I remember that the children’s section was to the right, so I’d run over there like The Flash. I’d usually get about five to twenty books into a huge pile and bring them home to read. Not only did I get children books, yet I’d also get books on history and other subjects as I grew older. I liked, learning about wars and nation building etc. For weeks I’d find someplace within the house to sit and read over all the books I got. And I usually did read every single one of them. A couple series of books I enjoyed as a child were the Marc Brown’s Arthur and  Mary Pope Osborne Magic Tree House.

After Harry Potter ended( BUT NOW IT’S BACK!) I sort of turned away from reading. I was still reading, yet the burning desire to read was gone.  There are actually a few reasons as to why I’m such a  addicted reader again. Eventually I got my hands on The Book Thief in 2013. I fell in love with the story since I’ve always been a history buff. Around the same time, I started to watch BookTube. I’m a huge fan of certain BookTubers like katytasic, ReadsandDayDreams,  HailsHeartsNyc, ABookuptopia, JBookLover and of course EmmaBooks. Soon enough I became attach to different genres such as young adult or urban fantasy. Over the last four  years, I’ve probably purchased over 200 books off Amazon alone.  Today I own three book cases two of which are already full. I’m hoping to get another medium sized bookcase in the future, yet my room is kind of stuffed with all my other rubbish at the moment. I’ll find someway to magically create extra space when that time officially comes.

Growing up, I never knew anyone else who liked to read or at least enjoyed reading books as much as I do. Being homeschooled, I spent a majority of my childhood alone. Spending so many hours at the hospital during my treatments, I’ve read hundreds of books to pass the time. Not much has changed today except I now get to blog about books, so that is good lol. When I read a book I feel as if I’m entering a different life. It’s like I get to escape reality for a bit.  I put on the character’s shoes and face challenges more daring and adventurous.  The Golden Trio became my best friends. I became a Lost Boy. I would walk inside my parents wardrobe as if I were about to enter Narnia for reals. Hogwarts or Camp Half Blood became my home. Reading will always be important to me. It’s what lead me to becoming an author. It’s silly, yet amazing how reading a book can shape a person into what career path or lifestyle they have. It brings so many people together. In some ways, we become a minuscule part of the character, because a character is really the opinion of an actual person or idea known to his or her author. The other day, I was thinking about the old pirate term” a dead man tells no tales.” That is certainly false.

 So that is how I became a reader. This tag was very fun, so I hope you take some time and share your reasons as to why you became a reader as well. Go on, we know you want too!


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