Suicide Squad- Entertaining, yes?

First of all, happy Halloween! October has finally arrived, so enjoy your month of scaring everyone and eating candy until the stomach begins to bleed.  Ok not that much candy, but please do enjoy. How many other days are adults allowed to frighten children? It’s wrong, but fun!

  Recently I watched DC Comic/WB’s Suicide Squad. Basically Suicide Squad is a group of villains saving the day instead of the superhero’s. I think Batman deserves a break once and a while. This film was directed by David Ayers and a few major stars for this film were Will Smith( Deadshot), Jared Leto(The Joker),  Viola Davis( Amanda Waller), and of course Margot Robbie( Harley Quinn) Ben Affleck( The Caped Crusader) also had a cameo appearance.

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After the Man of Steel’s death,  intelligence operative Amanda Waller created a group of anti hero’s( make that  highly dangerous criminals) called  Task Force X. The group consist of a hitman named Deadshot,  former Arkham Asylum psychiatrist Harley Quinn, pyrokinitic ex gangster  El Diablo, an Australian  thief called Boomerang, man beast Killer Croc,  and an assassin named Slipknot. They’re put under the care of  colonel Rick Flag to take part in highly dangerous missions.  If they do not go along with orders a nano chip bomb placed within their necks will explode. The choice is pretty clear. Follow orders or die.

Rick Flag’s girlfriend was also suppose to be a part of Task Force X, but the evil witch called Enchantress had other plans. Enchantress takes full control of  Dr. Juan Moone’s body. Enchantress transforms many in Midway City into her own monster like pawns. She also brings her brother  Incubus in for support. How did they not see this coming? This leads to sending Special Task Force X into Midway City to defeat Enchantress and Incubus. No problem right?

Overall I did like Suicide Squad considering I know a few details about the characters. This film is pure entertainment. Likewise to Superman vs Batman There little to no story within this film. Basically we get to see the anti-heros doing their thing, causing chaos along the way. Some major details about the villain’s were within this film, yet I did not feel attach to them. I feel as if DC is far behind Marvel, because Marvel has been ahead of them for a long time. Superman and Batman are two of the greatest super heros ever, yet DC cannot go without mentioning them in every film. Being a fan of DC Comics, I know they have some epic characters to choose from, so I wish DC would put the spotlight on those guys more which they sort of did with the Suicide Squad. At least CW DC Comic TV series such as The Flash, or  Green Arrow know what they’re doing.

I thought Jared Leto did well as the Joker although the way he’s portrayed in this film is different. In some ways he reminded me of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, yet with a more hipster theme. IMO cartoon Joker  beats all of these actors who try to portray this psychotic clown. I thought Will Smith was alright as Deadshot. Viola Davis did a pretty good job. Margot Robbie was the best of all. She portrayed Harley Quinn the way she should be. Beautiful, yet crazy. Still I miss seeing Harley and The Joker in their normal clown attire. I love how she calls em pudding. In this film they both love each other dearly. I’ve always thought that Harley Quinn was madly in love with Mr. J but he’s sort of only using her for his own good. Love can make us do some crazy things. I hope they  do create a second Suicide Squad, because there is so much good they can do with this storyline.  Oh well I can always create some fan fiction until it happens.

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