What I read in September

September has been an amazing month of reading.  In September I read a total of five books! That is a pretty good reading month for me. I’ve been hopeful to read more,  so far things are turning out well.  On Saturday October begins.  October should be another wonderful  month of reading. Since the end of August I’ve been creating  a TBR out of books which deal with fall and Halloween.  At the moment, I have six spooky books to read from, so I’m excited shout that.  Here are the books I’ve read in September.

Nerve- Nerve has to be the worst book I read in September and probably for this year. I kind of  felt like this book would not be very thrilling, yet I gave it a shot. No matter how I feel about a book I’ll still read it. The main character annoyed me so much. She was like the worst friend ever. Her love interest came across as a bad boy wanna be.  Nerve is suppose to be similar  to The Hunger Games, ye this novel did not cut it.

Pretty Little Liars- Being such a big fan of the TV series I tried reading the novel, yet I just couldn’t get into it. The story and characters take place within the same realm, yet everything felt too different. I will read more from the series later on, so hopefully my opinion will change.


Quiddirch through the ages-  Add this book to my list of quick reads. Basically  this book has information on the sport of Quiddirch. This book was short, yet I found it interesting. I find it amazing how JK Rowling created this sport which is now actually played at certain universities not with real flying brooms of course.

To the Transplant Games- This book was given to my be the author. She happens to be a fan of my blogs which I appreciate very much. This story was encouraging and a delightful read.

The Holy Bible- This should come as no surprise.  The Bible has adventure, suspense, comedy,  and romance. It really is the greatest book ever.  The Bible is  a very old book, yet God’s word carries on to each generation.

That does it for my September reading. The total books I’ve read so far this year is now at twenty five.  What books have you read this month? Did you read any of the books listed above? Don’t be afraid to let me know in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “What I read in September”

  1. Awesome job on reading five books! I made a spooky TBR for October as well! I’ll be posting that today on my blog. I tried watching the Pretty Little Liars tv show, but I just couldn’t get into it after two seasons.

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