Sara Shepherd’s Pretty Little Liars Book One

ABC Family or now officially known as Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars has become a smash hit. The teen detective drama staring, Shay Mitchell,  Trojan Bellisario,  Ashley Benson, and Lucy Hale began as a series of books written by Sara Shepherd. The books are vastly different from the TV show. The other week I read the first book, so here is what I thought. Clearly my thoughts on the show are more positive than the book.

Pretty Little Liars the book has the characters names, yet they’re slightly different from the show’s version of them. Some of the characters from the book also look entirely different.  The first novel is basically a few episodes from the first season, so I’m sure the rest of the series is different. The first Pretty Little Liars novel was published in 2006. The last book was released in 2014.  In these type of books I sort of get confused about the characters age. Certain moments in the  book they seem like youthful girls while in other parts they seem no older than twenty five. Huge difference in age right there.

  Many times in this book they’re either drinking or using drugs which to me is very poor creative writing. Hearing about Emily smoking a joint with Maya gets old fast. Emily’s mother being a racist seem sort of silly. I like how on the show her dislike for Maya is, because she’s gay since that topic is more relatable today although there are still racist people out there.  The topic of homosexuality just makes more sense to me. Spencer cheating with Wren in the book is also silly. It makes Spencer look super foolish which she is not. Spencer is like the brightest one out of the group. I know what she did was wrong, but Melissa telling her to go to hell and stuff should of got her into serious trouble as well. Melissa should do a better job of finding a man rather than a boy whose pants are not on tight. The character most alike is Hannah. In the beginning, she was shellfish and self centered, yet I’m hopeful she grows in the novel like so to the TV series. Her character is on point.

  Another strange point in the book is how Aria is drinking at the bar. If she’s suppose to be sixteen how is she allowed to drink? Perhaps I missed where Sara Shepherd mentioned her using a fake ID, but it still seems a little goofy. I do not feel the same connection between Aria and Ezra  as we get from the TV series. Aria is hopelessly trying to create a spark between them which makes her character seem very clueless. The Aria we know and love would not be this pointless. On the other hand, Ezra is also different. In the book he seems like a jerk to me. When Aria asked him what he’s up to and he responds with” I’m drinking a scotch how are you,” or how he disses Aria about the text sent by A I felt like slamming my head into a wall. Again very poor creative writing skills.  Ezra is an English teacher. He should speak far better than he does in this first book.

Maybe I’m just too big a fan of PLL the TV series that I just cannot relate to the book version of our Pretty Little Liars. If you’ve read this series or are a PLL fan let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.


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