Turning Twenty Two

Tomorrow will be my twenty second birthday. This will be my golden year of birthdays considering I will turn twenty two on the 22nd of September. Truthfully age sort of feels like only a number to me now. It feels odd  being labeled as an adult.  Those special birthday moments as a kid are a thing in my passed. There is a lot I have learned over the passed twenty two years of my life, so I thought I’d blog about it. I’m sure my experiances are elementary to others out there, but if you’d like to learn a little bit more about yours truly read on. If not, sent the link to your friends at least.

I’ve learned a lot more about myself over the last couple of years. I guess the old saying that female’s mature faster than males could be true? It’s funny, because I’ve always felt older than I am. The experience’s of having a rare disorder and dealing with those issues since nine years old seems normal to me, yet whenever I tell another person they seem sort of shocked and nervous about it. Most times I get my infusions now the needle actually tickles me more than causing pain. Maybe I’m immune to the pain or I’m just a sucker for pain?

Over the last few years I’ve been battling my demons or slaying dragons as I like to put it. There have been things that bothered me since I was young that today I’ve overcome.  Being an introvert, I’ve always tried my best to remain out of the war zone, yet I just cannot hold back any longer. There is a lot of evil going on the world right now. I believe that if we allow evil to control us we’re losing the fight. I’d rather die fighting for what I strongly believe in than pretend everything is alright and give in.

 What I have today is something that I never had before. Trust in others.  It may come across as cold, yet loyalty is vitally important to me. If you do not have trust in others how can you believe in them? Today I have amazing friends who I can firmly put my trust into. They’re amazing people who light my world.

I’ve changed somewhat as a person. I can’t recognize myself like who is this handsome devil? My strength comes from the Lord. He’s blessed me in so many ways. God can take the smallest of people and get them to do something epic. I’ve found my calling as  a writer. I hope I bring many people joy explaining myself from every page of the books I write. Books are very important. Books are kind of like a beating heart. The author can die, yet his or her story lives on forever.

So those are my thoughts on turning twenty two. I’m so excited! Thank you to everyone who has been following my site since I launched last year. I hope to bring you more content for years to come or at least until I’m a super famous author with little time to blog. It’s sad, but might be true 🙂


2 thoughts on “Turning Twenty Two”

  1. Hey there, Matt,
    Happy birthday for tomorrow.
    I think that you’re a great writer when I read your blogs. I notice you say it will be sad when you become a famous author and won’t blog as much then. I wonder, if you will continue to blog because you enjoy it, no matter what your level of fame.
    All the best,

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