#ThrowbackThursday Mr. Bean

Hello everyone. ThrowbackThursday is here again and for this week I’ll be reviewing one of the most quirky, hilarious shows that I’ve ever watched. I’m talking about British comedien Rowen Atkinson’s Mr. Bean. Before I start I just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who has been reading and keeping up with my blogs. At the moment I have recieved six likes and positive comments from my Sweeney Todd review. That was an awesome blog to create and I’m glad so many people enjoyed it, so thank you to my amazing fans.

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Mr. Bean was a British sitcom created by British actor, comedian Rowan Atkinson and directed by British screenwriter Richard Curtis. Mr. Bean  first aired on January 1st 1990 and lasted until the fall of 1995. Mr. Bean also had a few movies such as Bean Movie(1997) and Mr. Bean’s holiday(2007). He was also a part of the 2012 Summer Olympics which Great Britain hosted. Mr. Bean was a light hearted show about an eccentric, introverted man named Mr. Bean who encountered different problems each day. He was kind of like a jinx you could say.  He lived in  small cottege like building, had a teddy bear, and drove a cute, dainty little yellow car. Mr. Bean was like a mix of slap stick comedy with little dialogue.  One of my favorite episodes is when Mr. Bean goes for a swim at a local public swimming pool. Mr. Bean was scared to jump off the tall diving board, yet got a little help from a couple troublesome youngsters. The show was so practical, yet the direction of each episode’s message made so much sense.


When I was a child, my grandma would give me the VCR tapes of Mr. Bean’s shows to watch at her home. Mr. Bean will always be a special show for me. Rowen Atkinson is a terrific actor who had me LOLing throughout each episode. I’m not sure that a show like Mr. Bean could last in today’s television, but Rowen Atkinson deserves high praise for this role. Mr. Bean was so epically British. Dry, dark humor is what the Brits do best.




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