September 11

The fifteen year anniversary of 911 is here. Whenever this tragic day arrives I think everyone reflects on it.  At the time I was only six years old,  so I do not remember every detail of that time, yet I  do remember that day pretty well. I think it was either when I began 1st grade or 2nd grade. Until college I was homeschooled, so this day involved many phone calls and my first day of school, getting cut short. 911 really affected the mindset of a majority of Americans. 911 was unthinkable. No one ever thought a terrorist attack would occur within the United States, yet 911 changed all of that. Over 2,996 American lives were lost and another 6,000 were critical injured. Many are preparing to either visit the memorial site or their loved ones graves over this weekend. Lets remember to pray for their family members, because still today their hearts must be broken.

Like I said I was around six years old at the time. My mom was going over what we were going to do for school that day. Around nine thirty AM we received a sudden phone call from my grandma, so my mom picked up the phone.  I remember my mom kept saying words like” what,” and”when”. Suddenly my mom turned on the TV screen to local news on CBS or NBC to see what was going on. The scene was like something out of an action film. The first of  two airplanes had crashed into the World Trade Center. A large black cloud of smoke and flames filled the air. The sound of sirens were heard across our television from morning until late afternoon. A moment later while tears were falling from my mothers face she told me that school would be cancelled today. The joy of getting out of school early was minuscule compared to what was really going on. I went into our living room to watch cartoons while more phone calls arrived. For the next few days I was scared to go to sleep in case an airplane suddenly crashed into my bedroom.

On September 11 there were four terrorist attacks, but thankfully only three of the attacks were a success. Al-Qaeda an Islamic terrorist group successfully took control over four US airplanes. These planes are normally used for transportation from city to city, yet these terrorist used them as a tool to murder and harm thousands of innocent lives. They destroyed the Twin Towers as well as the western part of the Pentagon. The 4th plane failed to crash land into the White House, because those brave folks on the airplane foiled their plan. I cannot say this for certain, yet I do not think many Americans back in 2001 were as worried about Islam and radical Islam like they’re today. The goal of September 11 was to strike fear into every American’s heart.  The war on Islam, radical Islam, terrorism or whatever you like to call it began, because they attacked us first. Yes, there is evil within the world. This evil holds hatred against nations such as America, because the United States of America is a nation of good people. The United States can be the police of the world if it choices to. IMO that is not such a bad thing if the power is used correctly. Until the end of time there will always be a fight between good and evil. President George W Bush understood this.

At the time George W Bush was the United States forty third president. President Bush has gained a lot of criticism for his choices after 911. Many blame him for the war in Iraq. Ironically people blame him for setting a goal to defeat Al-Qaeda’s leader Osama Bin Laden,  and oust  ex Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein. I understand some of the frustration, yet in my opinion President Bush did the best thing he could do as the commander in chief.   When President Bush was elected into the oval office on January 20th 2001 without a doubt I know he never would have thought the events of September 11 would occur under his presidency.  One year after being elected president this happen. President Bush’s plans were kind of blocked by this catastrophe. He had to change his game plan and face the challenge ahead. Of course he did not make every decision correctly, yet what he did was keep America safe. He looked evil in the eye and never backed down. The speech President Bush gave to the emergency  rescue workers at ground zero describes to me what President Bush was. I do not agree with everything President Bush stood for, yet he is an American hero in my eyes at least. If only we were electing a man or woman more like George W Bush to be our forty fifth president unlike the two nominee’s set to take charge once President Obama leaves the office. September 11 hurt us, but we must never allow it to break us.



2 thoughts on “September 11”

  1. Hi,
    I just read this piece and I enjoyed it. I was refreshed to read something written by someone who was so young when 911 happened. Because I was older, I remember the occasion and talk about it with people my age – which is older than the said age of 6 years!
    Thanks for giving me a different perspective.

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