To The Transplant Games by Caroline Mcintosh

Recently I was asked to read and review a book by Caroline Mcintosh. Caroline is a fellow WordPress blogger and author.  She enjoys my blogs so much that she sent me a copy of her novel called To The Transplant Games. First of all, thank you so much Caroline. I’m so thankful that you asked little ole me to read and review your story. My blog is miniscule compared to others on this site.  I feel like I’ve reached the cool kids table, so again thank you. Overall I really enjoyed this story. It is a novel full of courage and hope.  I promised you I’d give you a review and here it is. I’m a little nervous since this is the first actual review I’ve ever done for an author, so I hope my review pleases you.


The setting is London, England. The novel shares the stories of three  people who have either been through an organ transplant or are set for surgery.  Not only are these characters dealing with their health issues, yet other problems that come along.  Aiden Corwin had recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. He hopes that he can get support from his biological father whom he does not share a good relationship with. Next there is  Zafirah Negrasi. Zariah  is trying to go back to normal after a huge heart operation. She longs to return to the dance floor. Lastly there is Tanya who is in a struggle with her twin sister Vanessa. Vanessa is a transplant survivor of ten years.

Being truthful this book is not normally something I would read. Most books I read are fictional stories of fantasy, so it was nice to read something a bit different. After reading all 168 pages I really enjoyed reading this book. The title is catchy. Each character was positive to learn about.  They all seem real to me and never dull. Each character showed bravery and courage as they faced these problems.  I’m so glad things turned out well for all them.

 Learning more about organ donation and The Transplant Games was interesting and it brought into light what so many families go through each and every day. I would recommend this novel to anyone who is either dealing with an upcoming operation or perhaps knows of someone waiting for an organ donor. Stay strong.

I’m proud to have read this novel. I’m sure Caroline was very delighted to have written this novel and published it.  With all the problems facing the world today, it was nice to read something pleasant for a change. To  The Transplant Games brought a smile to my face. Great job Caroline. I’d love to read other works by you in the future.






3 thoughts on “To The Transplant Games by Caroline Mcintosh”

  1. Matt,
    Thank you very much for your review. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. I’d love to send you other ones, once they’re written!
    Please feel free to pass the book onto someone in a hospital or waiting by a dialysis machine.

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