Vanity is a Deadly Disease

For some weird reason this post got deleted. I created and publish this a couple months back, yet I guess I deleted it by accident? Oh well no reason to worry about what ifs. Lets get to the point of this post. Vanity is something not usually covered by men, yet the topic keeps going through my head. I myself do not believe body issues and such are only problems for women, yet men as well. Vanity is something both genders deal with for different reasons. A video from ReadsandDaydreams off of youtube got me thinking of the topic again( I love her channel), so here is another try.  There are many versions of vanity which I will cover in  this post.

First of all, what is vanity exactly? Vanity is defined as  excessive pride in or admiration for one’s own appearance or achievements( thank you google for your clever definitions). Vanity is conceit, narcissism ,  self love or even egotism which are not very good synonyms. IMO vanity is a sickly sin which can harm someone badly if not controlled properly.  Vanity is comparable to the mirror of erased from Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. When looking into the mirror you see something you really want, yet will never get. Vanity can fool someone into not thinking clearly about themselves or others around them. Vanity is like a nasty weed. Over and over again we pluck at it although it will always return to bother us.

One point of  vanity I normally see or hear of is taking selfies. Selfies are very fun to take, yet it’s kind of ridiculous. Some take so many self portraits. They take hours to edit these photos afterword’s to make themselves look as perfect as possible. When I was at Universal a few months back, I saw a man who took a selfie at every single ride and restaurant he came across. He kept grinning and smiling over and over again. It seem like he was just at the park to take selfies of himself. I enjoy taking selfies and don’t believe it is necessarily wrong, yet it can become a bit of an annoying, useless addiction.

We stare at our reflections sometimes seeing beauty that is not there. It’s comparable to that old story about the emperor. This emperor’s personality was nauseating at best. Anyways these charlatans came into town. They heard that the emperor was looking for a new stylish robe to wear, so they went to the emperor and told him they would create the most stylish robe for him to wear. In the end, the charlatans died not create any robe at all. The emperor walked around town naked, believing he was wearing some amazing garment.  That is a perfect example of what vanity can do to us.


On the other hand, vanity also harms us by thinking little of ourselves.  Vanity can make us think we’re not as important, because our butt isn’t shaped right or our left hand is bigger than our right. You get the picture.  In our modern times, narcissism has become a huge problem. Social media has given people an outlet to promote themselves in any shape or form. There are countless number of magazines out there featuring a beautiful model whom society is meant to emulate. This is a sickness, spreading across the globe. It’s almost as if the secular society is trying to become a god by looking perfect.  Lets look and see what God says in Samuel  1 6-7

     But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

God does not judge us off our appearance. God see’s us from our heart. We need to stop, looking down on ourselves, because we do not look as good as someone else. We should be happy with who we are.  This does not mean it’s bad to exercise or change up our hairstyle, yet to remember what is most important. Eventually, our bodies will lay in the ground, breaking down and turn to dust.  Plastic surgery can make you look young for only a short period of time. Remember that the eternal body will be the body we are always hoping for.  Overall it’s the inside that counts.





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