ratatouille has always  been one of my favorite Disney animations. The film is a beautiful story of an ambitious blue rat with a passion for cooking. The film is witty, and encouraging  to humans and rats everywhere. Ok so maybe rats cannot understand how to Cook nor chat in real life,  yet  all rats matter aswell.

Once a week I’m planning on doing throwbacks on some of my favorite  things, so let’s begin with Ratatouille.



Ratatouille is about an adult aged rat name Remy. Unlike the rest of his furry tailed family he can actually taste and smell  food.  From his love of food, he soon begins to cook. Because of his odd fascination with cooking,  Remy is looked down upon by his father. Let’s just say that his father is one hundred percent old school. His father lives to survive while Remy lived to create.  Eventually Remy gets separated from his family, living in Paris France. In Paris, he helps a young garbsge boy learn how to cook. This leads to a breakthrough between man and beast although what Air Bud did can never be topped.  Being a Disney film, of course there is a notorious villain who gets in the way.  He’s rather short and frankly French. Even a few of the rat clan members caused a bundle of trouble. Don’t even get me started on the snarky critic. At least there were no cats around. In the end, Remy’s big dream of becoming  a chef becomes reality.

Some could say that a film about a rat who cooks is a little cheesy, yet it’s a movie I’ll cherish for a long time. The animation is amazing.  The voice acting was spot on. I’d love for Disney to create a sequel, but we may have to wait a decade for that. At least there is going to be an Increidbles 2. 




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