The Darkest Minds-Alexandra Bracken

I wish I could have seen his face as he spoke, because I think he knew- he must have- that this threat, the crimp in our supposibly glorious future, had nothing to do with the kids who had died. Buried underground or burned into ashes, they couldn’t do anything but haunt the memories of people who had loved them. They were gone forever. And that the symptoms list, the one that was sent hom. Folded and stapled  by the teachers, which was aired one hundred times over the news as the faces of the dead scrolled along the bottom of the screen? They were never scared of kids who might die or the empty spaces they would leave behind. They were Afaid of us the ones who lived.   

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Thr Darkest Minds is a thrilling ride created by the brilliant Alexandra Bracken.  Many had told me it’s similar to X Men which is true, but there was much more to this story than freakish powers.

Around the time of Ruby Daly’s tenth birthday  children across the United States began to get very sick and died at an enormous rate.  The children who survived, like Ruby  gain  extraordinary abilities.  Many Americans, including parents grew fearful of these children, so the government created a police force known as  to deal with them. The infected known as psi  become a dangerous group. At first Ruby seem normal, yet soon she figures out that she has powers when by accident she erased her parents memories of her. Ruby is taken by her father to the police station where she’s given away to psi soldiers. Ruby is taken to a brutal camp for those infected. They’re spilt into separate groups on account of their special abilities( blue, yellow, green, red and Orange) Ruby is placed into the orange group. Normally reds and orange’s are killed or sent to a even stricter facility, yet the League of  Children, a  hostile political group, comes to Rubies rescue. Ruby understands that the League of Children are just as dangerous, so she escapes. While on the run she joins a small group of infected who are also on the run. Their names are Lee, Chums, and Sezume.

Later on they meet another orange named Clancy, but he’s not a friendly. Clancy is basically a  Dictator wannabee. Ruby and her friends escape when PSI soldiers find them. Along the way they meet Jack’s( a friend) father, but he shoots Chum, leaving him heavily injured. As the PSI soldiers chase after them,  Ruby is left calling on the League of Children’s. They get rescued, but at a price. Ruby remains with the League if only Lee gets to go fear. Ruby and Lee have romantic feelings about each other, but Ruby erases his memory, so Lee can life his own life. The story ends here.

The Darkest Mind was a great novel of survival and love. This book kept me scrolling from page to page. The story really tugs at the heart. I loved every second of this book. To me It’s a different twist on dystopian.  I really enjoyed the character driven aspect of this book. My favorite character is Chums, because of his snarky, yet charming side. The  main characters messed very well together. I hope this is turned into a film series cause that would be awesome.                  



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