Back to the Future Trilogy

Recently I have not been blogging as much, because school is back in session and I’ve been reading a few novels, plus crafting my own novel which his  about 44,000 words away from completion.  So close, yet so far. Anyways I wanted to get a blog out before the weekend hit.  Over the last two weeks I had been watching the Back to the Future films on Netflix. TGFN!


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Back to the Future is a great sci fi/ fantasy 1980’s flick written and directed by Robert  Zemeckis and was distributed by  Universal Pictures. Each film go into the past or back to the future constantly. The main characters are a high school student named Marty McFly( Michael J Fox), an outlandish scientist named Dr. Emmitt Brown aka Doc for short( Christopher Lloyd) and Doc’s trusty side kick Einstein( he’s a dog not the actual scientist). Doc created a time machine out of a DeLorean and he and Marty go on crazy adventures through time in Hill Valley, California. They face different quests in each film.

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In Back to the Future, Marty accidently  goes back in time to 1955. Doc stole some  plutonium from a group of  Libyans. The plutonium is what gives the flux  capacitor enough juice to time travel( 1.21 gigiwatts to be exact). While Doc is showing Marty his time machine, the angry Libyans show up, shooting Doc, but Marty  escapes or well time travels to the year 1955. In 1955 with the help of a younger Doc to return to 1985. While in 1955 Marty meets his then teenaged parents and the biggest tool ever named Biff Tanner.

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In Back to the Future II the story flips from going into the passed to now going into the future and back again. It’s complicated really. Doc returns to 1985 to get Marty’s help in the year 2015. Once again Marty faces Biff. The film ends with Marty, having to go back in time to the year 1885.

In Back to the Future III first Marty returns to 1955 to get help from Doc to go save future Doc in 1885. In 1885, Marty meets his great greats and views the birth of Hill Valley’s origin. Again he faces another member of Biff’s brutal family. Doc also finds the love of his life. Finally Marty returns back to the future in 1985. Doc gets the girl, a family, and travels through time in style. Everybody wins.

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 Back to the Future did an amazing job of bringing both the past and the present into the same light.  Marty overcomes his weaknesses and realized the importance of being from Hill Valley.  Time is a never ending experience. Life goes on and history is made every single day. The phrase U learn something new every day is definitely a fact. I find it pretty clever how a few of the gadgets from Back to the Future’s 2015 actually became a reality. Makes me wonder what will come if we ever reach 2085. When I watch these movies it’s sort of humorous to me, because 1985 seems like a long time ago. Being twenty one years old, I only hear about what it was like, growing up in the 1980’s. In a few years I’ll be reminiscing  what it was like growing up in the late 90s and the beginning of the twenty 1st century.  As a Christian, the most awesome thing to know is that where we’re going we won’t need any roads.






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