Ryan Lochte Fabricated Story is a Disgrace to the Games

Most out there have probably heard about this fabricated story started by USA Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. Last week, Ryan Lochte and four of his fellow USA  men’s swim team members were said to be gunned down by a Brazilian police officer. As the other four layed down as they were ordered  too Ryan Lochte showed zero signs of fear, saying” whatever” This week the story has been clearly seen as a boy cries wolf type of lie and boy is Ryan Lochte feeling the heat of it. Social media tweets and post are all about Ryan Lochte right now.

We may never know what actually went on, but here are the latest facts of today that show that Ryan Lochte was straight up lying by video evidence. Lochte and his boys got drunk and got into trouble by urinating on public property, breaking doors down and even the toilets in the public restrooms. To make matters worse, they insulted and harassed a security guard  who was just doing his job protecting the citizens enjoying their time in Rio for the Olypmics. Instead of feeling any guilt, Ryan Lochte fabricated a story to make himself look innocent when clearly him and his teammates were in the wrong.  Lochte actually left Brazil early, leaving his teammates to keep the lie going which clearly they did not agree with, so they called him out. At least they have some moral ground.

This is just a sad story.   This story will have a daunting affect on how fans perceive him, his teammates, and it takes away from the excitement of the Olympic games. Brazil has got a lot of criticism   before the games began for multiple reasons.

For the most part, Brazil had done a great job of, keeping peace among the fans and athletes. It’s kind of funny how the man from the first world country caused the damage. My heart goes out to the security guard whose night was ruined by these fools. He was doing his job and was treated wrongly. Ryan Lochte should apologize to this person and use his own money to fix what he and his buddies destroyed. Shame on you Ryan Lochte for trying to deceive all of us when we’ve been cheering U on the entire time.  U sir are not an Olympian, so enjoy being in Michael Phelps shadow where you and your pals belong.


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