Books are one of the most important  items I own. Ever since I visited the library when I was a kid I had a passion for reading. My brother and me would gather a ton of books to read over the summer.  At eight years old I would rent books like Arthur, Clifford the Big Red Dog etc. I even got historical books on presidents or wars. I gave the librarian a great laugh when I got a few books on Florida State University at such a young age. I’ve learned so much from the characters or figures I read about.



Being homeschooled, reading time was my favorite time of the day. After reading so many novels my mom would have me write essays. For days, weeks or even months my thoughts revolve around each story I read. Without a doubt today I have become a reading addict. I’m not ashamed of that.


Literature is my go to. I enter stories to escape my reality for a little while like entering Narnia or Hogwarts. It’s exciting to enter so many new, creative worlds daily. Since its NationalBookLoversDay I thought I’d get a little artsy and pile my favorite books together like an Italian Sub. Books will always mean a lot to me. I buy so many each week. From blogging and social media it has brought some awesome book lovers into my life. When we’re young we learn how  to read. When we’re older we read to learn. My mom told me that.  I love to read. I can’t wait to share my own stories with the world.



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