Inspiring Verse for the Weekend


Let us be Christ like this weekend. Lets show others that the joy of the Lord is within us when we go out into the world. Lets bring peace and be a positive message.  If you see a police officer, military veteran,  fireman, doctor, or nurse thank them for all the good work they do. Be tolerant and kind to friends and family. Be fruitful and kind to those around us.  Help where help is needed.  We need to show Christ to the world. Let us build each other up instead of tearing each other down. God is good all time and all time God is good! Stay motivated.


3 thoughts on “Inspiring Verse for the Weekend”

  1. Dear RavenclawPride,

    I enjoy reading your blogs and articles. I have a question for your consideration. Would you like to review my book? It has a character who is homosexual – not intentionally, but more because he was another character’s father and their relationship was rough and he realized how important his son was important in his life. The actual story was written in the perspective of three teenager’s experiences as they tackle organ donation. I am the sibling of an organ recipient and the daughter of an organ donor. My mum gave my sister a kidney 35 years ago and my sister is still alive with the same kidney. It is incredible and brilliant. Anyway, I wonder, would you like to read and review it? I am sharing my website with you and I can send a complimentary copy to you via technology or a print copy of you are interested in reading it. Thank you for considering this idea, Sincerely, Caroline


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    1. I’m sorry for responding late, but sure. I do not have a kindle, but if you have a copy I will gladly read it. Thank you for reading my post and enjoying them 🙂

      May I have your email?


      1. Hello,
        You can reach me via email through my website: and clicking on the contact form. If that doesn’t work, please let me know.
        Are you enjoying the new HP book? I am.
        Thank you for answering my question, I appreciate it. Let me know where you would like the book to be sent to.

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