The Versatile Blogger Award

Yeah another blogger award that I was awarded with! Thank you to A Book Nerd who continues to award me with these awards I have a lot of medals to keep a close eye on. I’ve mentioned quite a few facts about me, but I minds well give out some more.



  1. I’m the youngest in my family( Six years younger than my br0).

     2. I’m extremely ticklish( Don’t tickle me please.)

     3.  I’m a bookworm( So shocking yes?)

     4.  My Twitter username is GarnetNGold22( if you’re a creepy perv do not follow me).

     5. My favorite sports are American football, basketball, and Tennis( tennis is one of my favorite sports which does not mention the world ball).

     6. Last fall I met Florida St head coach Jimbo Fisher(One of the greatest moments of my life).

    7. At the moment I’m listening to music from the Harry Potter films and waiting on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to arrive in the mail( That pretty much is all I’m doing today.)

I cannot think of anyone else to nominate, so if you’d like to nominate yourself go right ahead 🙂



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