How To Have Fun At Home

Lets face it being at home can get boring. Home is the place where we spend most of our time. Home is where the heart is, but the heart isn’t always feeling the home.  Venturing off into the world can be fun whether it’s a trip out of town or down to Walmart to pick up a bag of chips. I don’t know if anyone else feels like this, but home feels different to me now as an adult. Like I still live in my parents home with my parents, yet the house feels more like theirs than my own. Anyways I spend a majority of my time at home, considering I do not have a full time job(hope that changes when I learn how to drive) and I was homeschooled. I take college courses online, so I’m pretty much a homebody. Anyways here are a few of my tips on how to  kill time and still have fun when you’re at home( btw I found this amazing lego house photo on Pinterest).



One of my best and favorite ways to kill time is by reading. Reading books can take boredom away so quickly. Some days I read fifteen pages while other days I may read 50 pages or more. There is so much to read, so grab a book and enter a new world.


There is always some chore that must be completed. Chores aren’t always fun, yet they can take your mind away from being bored and actually accomplish something.


The Internet

There really is no reason to get bored at home if you’re using the internet. I can go on Twitter and talk to hundreds of people. Conversations on Twitter can get very random. Twitter has brought many amazing people into my life, so if you’re reading this you know who I’m talking about! On the other hand,  Twitter can get addicting and sometimes annoying, so remember to take time away from social media as well.  Besides social media I can search for stuff online. buy products and so much more. How did civilization survive without the internet?


Whether you’re writing a best seller like me or not writing is a great way to pass time. Writing is a way to express yourself by creating a story or just jotting down thoughts.


Who says drawing is only for little kids? You can create some art and hang it on the wall for the world to see. Actually you could draw something, take a photo of it and  post it online on Twitter or Facebook so everyone can see it. The choice is yours!


Netflix is one of the most awesome ways to kill time. There is so much to watch. There are so many shows I have to catch up on.



 I do not really have to explain this one do I 🙂


Working out has become a favorite of mine. I enjoy getting into shape and not wasting any time. Going for walks can really clear your thoughts and belly fat.  You can burn twenty minutes easy just by lifting weights. Do not forget to drink plenty of water.


So those are a few of my tips on how to have fun while at home. I hope you enjoyed them. Those are my tips, so let me know what your tips might be.



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