The Lovely Bones Film Review

The Lovely Bones novel was created by Alice Sebold. This tragic book is about the protagonist Susie Salmon(portrayed by Saoirse Ronan in the film), a fourteen year old girl who was viciously  murdered. She has trouble moving on to heaven as her short life on earth is escaping her.  The Lovely Bones has become a favorite book of mine. I first saw the film and quickly got myself a copy of the book. The Lovely Bones is actually the story that got me back into reading after mourning the end of Harry Potter(OR SO WE ONCE THOUGHT!)

Overall I love the story, yet like the film. The story is pretty strange, so I think most who only saw the movie couldn’t get passed the oddness. Some novels are like that.  The book is from the view of a very unconventional  teenaged girl who has an eye for photography. One odd thing about her is her last name Salmon. Unlike most people I think salmon is a delicious fish to eat. In the film, we only get a short glimpse of Susie Salmon’s life when she was alive.  The end of her life is pretty sad.


Throughout the film Susie visits her family from a totally different universe. She’s within a world between our universe and heaven.  She watches as her younger sister Lindsey( Rose McCiver of IZombie) grows up. Susie also had a younger brother, yet his time in the film is sort of forgettable. Her father Jack Salmon[ Mark Wahlberg) never really gets passed his daughters passing. Her mother  Abigal Salmon( Rachel Weisz) actually leaves her family and life style for a short time to get over what had occurred.  Susie sticks around, because she cannot let go. There was so much life ahead of her. She wants her father’s pain to leave him, yet she has to expose  her killer George Harvey( Stanley Tucci) who was fairly crafty at hiding his sins. Susie feels as if she was cheated by death. In the end, Susie figures out what part of her she was missing the most. Her mother. Her mother did love her and that gave her peace.

The Lovely Bones isn’t an easy read nor movie to watch, yet it is something to think about. I guess the old saying of the good die young is not only fiction. It’s so sinister to think there are men out there like George Harvey. They pry on those who are young and defenseless. I wish George Harvey was shot, yet falling over that cliff did seem like justice.

From the passing of my grandfather last year this quote means a lot more to me now. The moment I was told that my  grandfather died, it felt like a piece of me had been ripped away as if his soul was saying good bye. The other night, I had a pretty epic dream. My grandfather was in it, yet he looked younger and very happy. Maybe I have a connection to the dead like Ruth Connors? With all the death and drama surrounding us that dream was  peaceful and reminded me that death is only the beginning of something new?


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