Tim Duncan Retires

The NBA has lost another great player to retirement. After nineteen amazing seasons, Tim Duncan is ending his career. Tim Duncan had always been one of my favorite players. The Chicago  Bulls are my favorite team, yet I’ve always respected the San Antonio Spurs as well. He always played like the tallest tree on the court although his personality is mellow. Tim Duncan was an epic player, yet he is also a very humble person which is a trait I admire the most from him.

Unlike many superstars of today, Duncan remained with the team that drafted him for his entire career. Tim Duncan won five NBA championships with his San Antonio Spurs being named the leagues MVP in both 2001-02 and 2002-03 seasons. In addition, Tim Duncan was named finals MVP in 1999, 2003 plus 2005. He finished his career with 26,496 points(14th all time),  15,091 rebounds( sixth all time), 3,064 blocks(5th all time)  playing in a total of  1,392 games.  During his career Tim Duncan played with a cast of tremendous players like Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili,  Bruce Bowen,  Kawhi Leonard, and probably the greatest teammate of all David Robinson aka  The Admiral. So long Timmy.


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