The Legend of Tarzan(Film Review)

Add another classic to the reboot stage. Tarzan returns to the jungle in his latest film created by David Yates. Tarzan has got some horrid reviews, yet I saw the film and this is my opinion on it. It did not match up to the cartoon version, yet that is one of my favorites  in the Walt Disney Dynasty.

The film begins with Tarzan( Alexander  Skarsgard] now living with Jane in Victorian  London, England. He goes by his real name John Clayton III now living a normal life with Jane( Margot Robbie) instead of battling fierce tribes and vicious tigers, hippos or snakes in the jungles of Africa. That had to be exhausting.  His time in the city is short lived when he’s invited to return to his native homeland by  Leon Rom( Christoph  Waltz). Leon Rom is a suspicious character who is an envoy for the king Leopold of Belgium. His plan is to capture Tarzan and give him over to an old nemesis of Tarzan in exchange for diamonds and gold. Rom also plans on taking full control of the Congo to increase English slave trade throughout Europe and the new world.

The Legend of Tarzan was pretty good in my book as long as poor CGI does not drive you mad. Those computer geeks must not be able to watch anything before 2006. I thought the setting for this film was pretty nice. It made me want to enter the jungle and swing on those vines. Alexander Skarsgard was also pretty good in the role of Tarzan. I imagine the odor Tarzan would give off could kill an entire corn field in a matter of seconds.  He could use a trip to Bath and Body Works getting a cart load of soapy fragrance’s  and also stop by Wal Mart or Target to pick up some Old Spice.

UFC should forget Jone Jones and sign up Tarzan. He went around an entire jungle with barely a scratch on him. Tarzan was even shot by rifles and barely bled. This man is incredible. Leon Rom underestimated Tarzan greatly.  Leon Rom wasn’t the brightest villain tho. Did he really expect Jane to just sit down and listen to him like some rag doll? This is Tarzan’s wife man. Jane is no Kim Kardashian.  Jane probably could have handled Leon all by herself except she cannot talk to animals like her bae.

Samuel L Jackson was also good in his role of George Washington Williams aka Tarzan’s sidekick. The ancestry of Nick Fury’s family is pretty amazing. Doctor Williams would not survive long alone in the jungle by himself, but he was a pretty good shot. Some men are fit for the woods while others are fit for the golf course.

Overall I would give Tarzan three stars out of five. Hopefully we get to see more of Tarzan in the future. Maybe Doctor Who could travel back to Victorian England and bring Tarzan into our modern times. Now that would be a sight to see!


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