Fear Should Never Control U

 Hey guys what is up? Right now I’m on vacation, chilling with my grandparents.  Vacation is a time to relax and get away from the craziness, yet my urge to blog cannot ever leave me. The last two days I went to the beach.  At the beach I sat on the shore, looking around me.  The waves were so relaxing. The sea, sky,  shells, and little birds were capturing my attention.  While at the beach it got me thinking how fearful society has become.


At the beach it is so nice and peaceful.  While at the beach I kept thinking about how amazing God really is. God created the heavens and the earth. Everything was created by God. Sure really cool man-made items like Ipads or PS4’s were created by man, yet man was still created by the creator.  At the beach there is little reason to fear at least in America. I can swim in the sea or build a sand castle in peace. When at the beach I’m not thinking about problems back at home or around the world.  Is it possible to find such serenity at home?

There is so much fear in our daily life now. Men and women fear over their income. People are worried about ISIS and other evils that lurk around us.  Some worry about gaining or losing weight. Some worry about keeping a friendship in tact. Parents are worried about how to protect their children. Others may worry about an illness or death in their family. Many are worrisome over the election ahead or the rights to  bare arms etc. Each of these issues revolve around some sort of fear. We need to stop allowing fear to control us.


I’ve never thought of fear as a bad thing. Fear is not some phantom hiding in the shadows.   As the thirty second   president of the United  States of America  Franklin D Roosevelt once said” The only thing to fear is fear itself.”  Fear is sort of like the yellow light which cautions a driver to slow down. Fear can hinder us from doing things which can sometimes be a good thing. On the contrary, fear may also hold us back. Fear can keep us from accomplishing goals or dreams. If we allow fear to control us it can be a very bad thing.

Everyone has fears. Some may  claim that they do not fear anything, yet that is an absolute lie.

pirates of the caribbean jack sparrow not true untrue no

Jesus was somewhat afraid before the Roman guards showed up to take him into the city of ancient Jerusalem for his trial. It’s silly to be afraid to not admit to your fears. Two of my biggest fears are snakes and being tickled. Snakes are freaky looking creatures. They slither around on their stomach and hiss at ya. They’re like Lizards without feet plus have big fangs.  They creep me out.  My other fear is being tickled. I’m extremely ticklish and one of my cousins figured that out, so I’m fearful of being tickled today.  If you try tickling me it’ll be your worst nightmare. I’m ninety three pounds U do not want to mess with!

I get so annoyed when I hear people complaining about the littlest things.  It makes me laugh really. At the age of nine years old I was diagnosed with a rare disorder called MPS 1. For the last twelve years I’ve got medicine by an infusion. This medicine, which actually  comes from Chinese dwarf hamsters, creates an artificial enzyme. Normally the IV goes in right away. Once and a while it takes a couple pokes.  No big deal. This has never bothered me. I’ve never complained about going through this once.  I do not fear this illness. God has given me so much strength. This is actually a blessing to me for many reasons. If there is anyone who would have a reason to complain it would be someone like me, yet I don’t. I got to many blessings to complain. I’m not the only person battling an illness. Like Taylor Swift’s hit song we just Shake it Off. You can either allow fear to control you and complain  or keep grinding. The choice is yours.


To end my rant here we should not allow fear to control us. The future is mysterious. We cannot control the outcome of future events, so why be so afraid? Like the Joker said WHY SO SERIOUS?  Proverbs 3:5 is one my favorite verses, because it explains clearly how to handle fear. God is bigger than all of our fears.

” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”



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