The Journey On Becoming an Author

My whole life I’ve had a gigantically sized imagination. As a child living out in the country I had many adventures outdoors, pretending to be a soldier, pirate, football player or even Little Red Riding Hood or Cinderella[ cousins do horrible things]. There is a lot going on up there. Being homeschooled  I had a lot of time to myself.   Since I was a little kid I’ve always had a book in my hands. I read books almost every day. From sixth to 8th  grade my passion for writing began. I began to write fan fiction after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows was published.  Harry Potter couldn’t end. The story had to keep going, so I wrote a couple short stories. This was only the beginning of my writing journey. Since high school I’ve been determined to become an author.  My journey is only, beginning, yet I have learned a lot so far.



  My  joy for writing can mistake someone into thinking it’s easy for me. There are certain days where all I talk about is either my story or the book I’m reading at the moment. Ask my cousin Jennifer that and she’ll tell U I’m, speaking the truth.  Trust me, writing is never easy. There are days when I feel like ripping up all my stories or tossing my lap top out the window. There is a lot of feelings that go into writing. Doubt can creep in and cowl around you like a huge Boa constrictor. First of all why am I writing a book? What is the plot? Is it really going to be bought and sold world wide?  Who do you think U are JK Rowling? Sometimes I talk to myself ok? Writers are weird, but that is who we are. We’re artist man! Oh great, now I’m procrastinating.



It’s just crazy for me to think that over the next five to ten years I may publish a book. A story written by me could be set on a shelf at Barnes and Noble or  be able to be downloaded as an Ebook. Lets face it, Ebooks are the future and I’ve not bought a Kindle yet.

I’m an introvert. Writing is how I express myself. I do not really like, talking to people unless it’s people I know. Arguments are tiresome. We spit and shout so many words out that we forget what we once said. It’s so exhausting.  I can say so much more by writing without ever moving my lips. The idea of showing my art off to the world is both exciting, yet scary.  There are so many books out there written by amazing authors whom I could never compare myself to. Are my stories really going to be comparable to theirs? Overall I hope my stories bring others joy. I like to write stories with a dark beginning which turns out well in the end. Life is like that for many people.



As I’ve already said, my journey as a writer is only beginning.  Through social media I’ve found many others who have the same dream. Creating blogs and posting reviews is only more fuel to my fire. With my friends and family I have people in my life who encourage me. IMO writing is like how I give back to them for all their support. Stories are magical. We learn so much even from fictional characters. When I finish writing a story even if it’s short I feel proud that I accomplish something.  Writing will never feel like a job to me, because it is so much fun!



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