Gone Home PS4 Console Edition Review

First of all, I want to say my thoughts and prayers go out to Christina Grimmie family and to the victims from Saturday night’s shooting in Orlando.   Being a Floridian  from the central Florida area I’ve been to Orlando many times. It’s a great city to visit. Never would I had thought a terrorist attack would occur so close by. We see it on the news, yet it’s happening all around us. I hope and pray we may find a way to stop this evil  completely.

Anyways I downloaded Gone Home from my PS4 Plus membership. I love downloading games for free.

Gone Home is a  first person exploration adventure game created by The  Fulbright Company.  The entire game is pretty short. It took me two days to complete it, but it is beatable in one day. The setting for Gone Home is within a quaint home.  Gone Home takes place in the mid 1990s in Portland, Oregon.

U play as Katie,  a college aged student, who is returning home from Europe.  She comes home early, finding the house vacant. There are boxes all over the floor, draws wide open, and  strange letters written out by her  younger sister Sam all around the house. With your controller[ or mouse] you uncover clues left by Sam on what had happen while Katie was away.

Overall I really like this game. These games are like entering a story within a book. I savored wandering around the home, figuring out what had happen. The graphics of the home were very cool. It was fun to see the older TV sets and cassette tapes, laying around the home. Talk about nostalgia. This game really plays tricks on your imagination. At first, I thought this game was going to be spooky, yet as I figured out what was happening it made more and more sense. Being home alone on a dark and stormy night can be frightening. This game was beautifully developed.  I wish the game was somewhat longer, expanding the environment.  They could of added in shadows and other stuff to make it more spooky. I give Gone Home 4 stars out of 5.


Have U ever played Gone Home? What did you think of it? Did it scare ya a little? Let me know in the comment section below!






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