The Sandlot Movie Review

One of my favorite childhood films has always been The Sandlot. It’s a film that describes a certain time in American history that is pretty much long gone. It also reminds me how great it was to be a kid. The Sandlot is a classic in my book.


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 The Sandlot focuses on a group of youths who had a desire to play baseball constantly. They live and breathe the sport. One day the new kid on the block[Smalls] comes across them which really messes things up. He’s pretty timid and knows nothing at all about baseball. He did not even know who Babe Ruth was.  Luckily for Smalls, Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez allows him into the group willingly. Everything goes well  for Smalls at first, until their baseball goes missing.  Smalls thinks about this old baseball in his stepfather’s den, so he decides to bring it out too play to replace the ball that went missing.  Smalls hits his first home run sending his stepfather’s  baseball over the fence into a yard where a crazy beast of a dog resides. As if this isn’t bad news already Small’s figures out who the baseball belonged too. Yep Babe Ruth “The Great Bambino”.


For the rest of the film the boys try their luck at getting the baseball back which never turns out well. Eventually Benny has a dream where Babe Ruth himself tells Benny what he needs to do. Benny listens to his idol and jumps over the fence to retrieve Small’s baseball. After a long chase, Benny defeats the beast when the old fence falls on top of the dog. Here they figure out that the dog is not really a monster and that his owner is a pretty cool guy.


The 80s and 90s were full of kid sport films. I do not see why this theme has not ventured much further. These movies are a lot of fun to watch and reminisce on. It’s a fun watch, during the summer. I’ve seen it a thousand times, yet will watch it over and over again. Baseball isn’t even a favorite sport of mine, yet I enjoy this movie so much. The message of this film is so heartfelt and real.  The boys are out, having fun playing baseball. They’re, getting along most of the time and not getting into too much trouble.  They respect their elders and are glad to speak to the nice old man about baseball a sport  either young or old  love. Benny gave Smalls a chance when he could of given up on him.  I also like how they mention what they should of done before battling Hercules for the baseball. That normally only happens in How It Should of Ended videos. My most favorite line from The Sandlot is when Babe tells Benny,”  Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Follow your heart kid, and you’ll never go wrong.” 


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