Perks of Having Girl Best Friends.

 Today happens to be #NationalBestFriendsDay.  God has brought many amazing friends into my life. These are the people who give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that make you feel special. Today I’ll talk about my two best friends in the whole wide world[ and a galaxy far, far, away etc]. My two amazing friends  happen to be girls. I think it’s great to have a close, casual, and friendly bond with people of both genders.  We met eight years ago when my family started going to a new church.  We enjoyed the first service we attended, so we decided to keep going permanently.  Soon enough,  my mom found out that they had a youth group. At first I was not so willing to go, but that changed as I attended youth  more often. Thanks for not giving up on me Holly! Over the past eight years, I have grown close to my best friends.  These two are like peanut butter and jelly. They’re two of the most epic people I know. I’m proud to call them my sisters. We’re kind of like the Golden Trio now.  This blog post is a tribute to these awesome buddies of mine.  There are also many perks to, having girl best friends.

1 Hygiene.

Surely I have learned new ways to keep myself clean from these two.  I learned the proper way to scrub and rinse. When I need help on what products I should be, using to keep my hair clean I know who to call[ see what I did there?] Old Spice is also a man’s best friend.

2. Compassion. 

When I’m, talking to them they’re open minded and  caring. I’m not afraid to talk to them about serious or not so serious stuff.  They understand. It’s good to have that trust between us.

3. Fashion. 

Sometimes we talk about clothing which can actually be a lot fun to discuss. They can be so glamorous. I try my best to keep up.   I think I  got them into plaid tho, so that makes me happy too.


So those are a few reasons as to why I love my friends so much.  I’m really grateful to have such amazing friends. It’s good to keep those type of friends close like a pocket watch.  What are some awesome things about your best friends? Let me know in the comment section below.


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