Top Ten Favorite Shows

Since it’s going to raining all day, because of Tropical Storm Colin I decided I’d do some, blogging.  My topic for this blog post will be on my top ten favorite TV shows. Some are on air today while some of these are passed favorites. My favorite type of shows  usually involve fantasy, comic books, and  a splash of comedy, so here we go!


  1. Smallville

Smallville is my all time favorite show.

2. Gotham

Gotham has become that show I can’t stop watching or talking about. It does not really make sense comparing to Batman’s origin, yet it is a fun twist.



      3. Grimm


I do not like Grimm as much as I use to, yet it is a very cool show for those who like urban fantasy and the Brother’s Grimm fairy tales.

4. The Flash

DC films may not be great, but their TV series are.  The Flash is a cool show with a nice family touch behind it.



5. The Goldbergs



The Goldberg’s is  LOL hilarious. Every episode is quirky 1980s genius.


6. Pretty Little Liars


 A glamorous, young adult like detective series that keeps you guessing.


7. Everybody Loves Raymond

I watched ELR all the time, growing up. I like shows that are so life like, yet still fictional.


8. American Ninja Warrior


ANW is a really fun summer series. It’s amazing how hard the contestants work to stay fit and compete. Bravo to all of them.


9. The 100


It’s a show that gives me so many feels. Some episodes I love. Others I hate. Good show.

10. Under The Dome

The series ended horribly, yet it was still enjoyable to watch. 

What are your favorite shows? Are any of them the same as mine? Let me know in the comment section below!


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