A Very Short May Wrap Up

Wow the month of May is about over. In June we will be six months away from Christmas again! Guess the old saying that time flies when we’re, having fun is correct.  Being away from college has given me so much time to read. I bought a few books off Amazon. In May, I got back into my reading habit. At the moment, I’m reading three books[ Goblet of Fire, Waterloo plus the B-I-B-L-E]. Goblet of Fire is my absolute favorite HP novel, so this re-read has been very enjoyable.  On Friday I picked up this really amazing graphic novel of The Hobbit.  I have not read The Hobbit in years, so this graphic novel is a good pick up. I’ve also been, playing Uncharted the Nathan Drake Collection. Nathan Drake could win American Ninja Warrior with ease.






I’ve also been, writing and editing a couple of my stories. It’s so funny to think that out of the next five years I will be, publishing my books. A novel by yours truly could be set on your book self. It is hard work which can be stressful, yet with a positive attitude and plenty of naps surely I will make my dream come true.

So that pretty much wraps up May for me. Have an epic month of  May? What books have U read? Let me know below in the comment section. Have a great day!


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