Captain America Civil War Movie Review

When the world does something wrong do we sit back or challenge the populist to do what is right? This is the message I got after, seeing Captain America Civil War.  I went and saw Civil War yesterday[ which has nothing to do with the American Civil War] and absolutely loved it. Out of the entire Marvel movie franchise Captain America is the king. He’s so 1945 America. It was two and a half hours of Superhero vs Superhero with a grand storyline. Marvel’s colossal fight put DC Comic’s Superman vs Batman to shame although I did actually enjoy that film as well. And who said Superhero’s can’t have fun without their antagonist? I know many out there who haven’t seen Captain America Civil War, yet so I’ll try to keep this spoiler free as possible. Spoilers are not cool.

Basically Captain America fights Iron Man for a couple of reasons.

  1. Steve Rogers is willing to go to prison over his best pal Bucky aka the Winter Soldier who was framed for, murdering the king of an African nation.


   2. The governments of the world are, trying to remove The Avengers power by playing their big brother. Captain America does not play like that.


While Steve Rogers is playing hero, Tony Stark tries to be the middle man out. Tony Stark has lost his mind. First he creates Ultron who nearly destroys the planet and now he wants to play nice with the government. I expect some psychiatric help in his future.  Of course this does not end well for either side. Halfway through the film we get to the dramatic battle between Team Iron Man[ Black Widow, Black Panther,  War Machine, Vision, and Spider Man] and Team Captain America[ Sam Wilson, Scarlet Witch,  Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, and Ant Man]. Winter Soldier’s comment that everybody has a gimmick had the entire theatre, laughing with joy.  The fight sort of ends in a tie, although Cap’s side had the upper hand with a man who is the size of an ant. Big things come in small packages. Black Panther is a great addition to the team.

Eventually Iron Man figures out the truth, so he goes to help Bucky and Cap to defeat the real culprit.  A huge plot twist gets Iron Man a bit upset at the Winter Soldier, so we go back to Captain America vs Iron Man. Of course Captain America wins, because A: It’s his movie B: He’s the toughest 100 year old man alive and C: Iron Man is getting OLD.

The film ends with the Avengers, breaking a part although their loyalty to each other remains in tack. Marvel is going to screw all of this up by, turning Captain America into a  new HYDRA recruit 😦

My two flaws with this film is who was sided with who. Black Widow did not make much sense siding with Tony Stark. They’ve never gotten along that well and she’s a block away from being Captain America’s girlfriend if Steve would ever get the hint that she may like him. Hawkeye against Black Widow?  I am not a fan of this new Spider Man at all. He’s not even a man. Aunt May is not suppose to be the super attractive aunt. Aunt May is suppose to be a sweet, old, gal who makes delicious cookies and corn bread. What irks me the most about reboot number three is that they again have removed Spider Man’s classic catch phrase of ” With Great Power comes Great Responsibility” Seriously that is a great quote! I think it’s time for Marvel to retire the Spider Man for at least ten to fifteen years. When Steve was, kissing Agent Carter’s niece that kind of creep me out. RIP Agent Carter.

Overall this was a great movie for super Marvel fans and casual Marvel fans a like.  Marvel does a terrific job of,  revealing the message of their films to the audience. Loyalty can be broken for what we see as right. Differences can either tear us apart or bring us closer. The world may be against us, yet what we believe in the most will matter above all else. Captain America and Iron Man have a different opinion in what is the right thing to do. Captain America is not a modern man. He sticks to his moral code. Like agent Phil said in the first Avengers  film to Black Widow commenting on Captain America” he might just be what America needs right now,” sadly I’m not sure if America wants a Captain America when she needs him the most.


Have U seen Captain America Civil War? What do you think about this movie? Let me know in the comment section below.


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