Ten Facts About Me

So I’ve been, watching YouTube videos and looking out for tags. I like doing tags. Anyways I came across a few tags titled Ten Facts About Me. I think this is a really cool tag cause it gives us a chance to share a few details about ourselves, so without further ado I’ll get to ten facts about me.


1. Home

I was born in Ocala, Florida and have lived within Central Florida my whole life. I enjoy, living in Florida. Florida is a land full of nature. I love the aquatic scenery. The ocean is only an hour or so away. We have Disneyworld too. A lot of weird stuff happens in Florida,  but without a doubt I love my state.

2.  Faith

I am a Christian.  When I was a child I always knew there was a God, yet I did not have  a relationship with Him until amazing miracles happen. I do not consider myself a part of any denomination. I prefer to call myself Christian, Christ Follower or Jesus Freak.  I like to engage in topics on faith, yet I will not force my believes on everyone.

3.  Disorder

At the age of nine I was diagnosed with a rare disorder called MPSone or Shaye Syndrome. The correct term for MPSone is actually mucupolysaturious. That word is a mouth full. For the last twelve years I have got infusions which creates an artificial enzyme. I do not look at my disorder as a negative. It’s only made me stronger and brought many amazing people into my life.

4. Sports

Sports are one of my biggest passions. I  have  a passion for basketball, American football,  and tennis, yet I enjoy many other sports as well. I’ve been to a total of seven football games and two NBA games. My favorite teams are the Chicago Bulls, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Florida State University athletics. I also blog about sport topics on Sportsblog.com

5.Almost Dead

Around six years old I nearly drown in our family swimming pool. I was arguing over something while my brother was swimming. Moments later I fell into the pool. If my brother were not, paying attention I’d probably not be on earth right now. The next summer I was taught how to swim and we all lived happily ever after lol.

6. Left handed

I’m convserative on the mind, yet my best hand is my left hand. I use the right hand for a lot of things too.


7. Bookworm

As most of you probably know I am a reader. I’ve always had a passion for reading.  Reading books is such a vital part of my life. I cannot go a day without reading something. In modern day reading out of books is sort of out of its time, yet I still  prefer to read from a book and not a tablet or Ebook.



I like to learn about famous or not so famous quotes. Words can really describe a person. This may should cruel, yet I respect people with proper grammar skills more. There are many epic quotes out there. It’s  also awesome too add a famous quote into a conversation.

9. Music

Music has become a gigantic part of my life. Right now I’m, learning how to play  a Ukelele. Music has helped me overcome obstacles from my past, present and probably the future. Music really can feed the soul.

10. Social Media

As a Millenial I spend countless hours on social media sites. My favorite all time is Twitter. Connecting with others on the world wide web is a lot of fun even if half the website is full of trolls now.

[Bonus fact 🙂


I own two terriers named Sammy and Jack. Sammy is an Italian Greyhound mix. Jack is Jack Russell Terrier plus something else. They’re the most amazing dogs. It may be odd to say, yet I’ve learned a lot from them.  Definitly man’s best friend.


So those are ten facts about me. I hope you enjoyed them. If you have any in common with me or would like to share a few of yours do not  be afraid to comment below 🙂









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