Gotham Season 2 Recap

Holy coconuts Batman! Another terrific season of Gotham has come to a close. Season two of Gotham brought us into the rise of so many villains. Young Bruce Wayne has his work cut out for him.


Season 2 had a very irry and disturbing feel to it. Gotham is full of strange and frightening things which is why I love this show so much. We enter Indian Hill which is a creepy research facility set up underneath Arkham Asylum. There is a secret doorway which leads to an elevator that leads to the entrance of Indian Hill. It did not seem to take Nygma long to figure this out. At Indian Hill, Dr. Hugo Strange preforms experiments on humans and monsters alike.  A lot of horrible events occurred at Indian Hill in season 2, but lets  talk about what happen, during the final episode.


While Nygma[aka The Riddler] is playing a game of riddles with Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox; Dr. Strange is going over a little psychology  with Gordon’s mind. Dr. Strange seems like a great doctor although his ideals are not so promising. While, exposing his emotions Gordon overhears Dr. Strange mention a secret council within Gotham. Something tells me this Secret Council wants to remain a secret no more. After his one on one with Dr. Strange the future  commissioner of Gotham has decided to try his luck at getting his girl back. I think Gordon would be better off, leaving Lee in peace instead of dragging her back into his dramatic life. At least he stopped the bomb from, blowing up half the city before, leaving town.

While Gordon and the others are trapped at Indian Hill Harvey and the rest of Gotham’s police force were left speechless by Gordon’s doppelganger [ say hello to Clayface.] Seriously is Harvey that stupid? Luckily Barbara and the Penguin were on the scene.  Selina Kyle sort of helped, but  the real hero’s from this episode where Mr. Freeze,Firefly, and H20. I feel somewhat sad for Dr. Strange and Miss.Peabody. The best moment from last night’s show was the return of Fish Mooney although she did not stick around for long.  The final scene depicts the Indian Hill monsters being released from the van Fish Mooney stole while, escaping. Why did they not play Monster Mash? Was it just me or did I hear Jermone’s laugh in the background?#ReturnoftheJoker


Guess we will find out more info on season three in the coming months.  Gotham is one of the only shows that gives the villains a charm. Most shows do not leave me, feeling sad about the death of a villain or overjoyed when they return. David Mazouz is starting to become the Bruce Wayne we cherish. Carmren  Bicondova is lovely as Selina Kyle. My favorite character still remains the Penguin. Robin Lorde Taylor is perfect in his role. Hope we see more of him in season three.  Will Jada Pinkett Smith be a regular cast member again or is she going to be in an on and off role?  I’d love to see Harley Quinn, but I hope it’s not  Barbara.  Final episodes leave us with so many questions. Let me know what your thoughts are on Gotham and what direction the show should or shouldn’t take next for season 3.





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