1st Thessalonians 5-11

For the last few months I’ve been, reading each book from the New Testament, starting with Matthew.  Right now I’m on First Thessalonian’s. Whenever I read from my Bible I come across a certain verse which sticks out from the rest of the text. The verse will stick to my memory for a few weeks. While reading the Bible I  enjoy researching the verse and figure out what God is, trying to tell me. There is more than one message to each verse. I also, enjoying blogging about Bible verses cause it’s a way to connect with fellow Christ followers and see what the verse means to them. Right now my mind is bobbling First Thessalonians 5:11, so lets jump into what my thoughts are about this verse. Lets look into what the book of First Thessalonian’s is all about first.

Thessalonians is a group of letters created by Paul in the years 52 to 54 AD. These verses gather information from the eyes of Paul which he witness while, spreading the gospel in a town called Thessalonians.  Timothy and Silas were also in the town of Thessalonians with Paul. Paul is encouraging the believers within the city to stay firm to their faith. Thessalonians is a book all about faith, hope and love which is a key point to what Thessalonian’s 5-11 says below.

11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

This is a pretty awesome verse. As a Christian it bothers me to see so many Christians unpleased and acting shellfish. There is a lot of that going on in modern day. Lets put our feet into the town of Thessalonians. From this book we can see that life was not easy for a believer in this town. The pagans and other none believers were probably very immoral and ungodly. They probably mocked God or Jesus. This probably made a Christian in Thessalonians feel icky, afraid and upset. It probably lead to many arguments and disapproval among the believers.  Paul is, pleading with the believers to encourage one another. When someone is low do we continue to beat them down or lift them up?  Do we find ways to encourage or to shame?

As a Christ follower I live to encourage others. That is never an easy task. Normally I want to yell at a foolish person for being so foolish or I think about myself instead of others. Clearly that is not being Christ like. We need to encourage. Encouragement is very rewarding. Encouraging words can do so much for a person’s life. Try to encourage someone this week. Tell them you care about them and make their day special. When my friends are encouraging me or I encourage them it feels so good! Not only will that make someone happy, yet it will please God very much. Satan wants us to be divided.  A house divided cannot stand, so let’s build our walls high.


Have you read First Thessalonians5-11? If so what are your thoughts on this amazing verse. Please let me know in the comment section below. Have a blessed week!





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