The 100 Season Three Finale Review

The third season of CW’s The 100 was outstanding. The show really took two steps forward. The finale episode left me anxious to see what happens next.  I got so many feels right now that I could use a juice box to settle down.  Might be a long post just saying.


So Clark and the gang are at the point of no return against ALIE. After a touching scene between Clark and her mother Abby, Clark is left with the only decision that may save them all. Clark must enter the City of Light and shut down ALIE from within  Dun, Dun, DUN!!!!!

While in the City of Light Abby and Murphy must pump blood to keep Clark from, dying.  I cannot believe Murphy went over and hugged his girl with that bloody hand. On the other hand, Bellemy, Pike and Octavia  defend the tower as ALIE’s brainwashed army tries to break in. They literally climb up the tower walls like a bunch of Spider men. This is Matrix stuff!

In the City of Light, Clark is reunited with Lexa, but the two get separated again when Clark enters the computer ship thingy to stop ALIE. Why did Lexa have to die WHY!  ALIE pleads with Clark to remain in the city of light, because they’ll be safe from harm and pain. Clark responds to ALIE’s threat with a remarkable quote aka truth  bomb” You don’t ease pain. You overcome it. And we will,” So Clark stops ALIE, saving everybody although they might be a little warm in coming months. Danger comes at every corner for the Sky people.

This episode left me speechless. There was so many warm,  and fussy parts.  Some characters you feel pity for while others you may want to slap. Since they first landed on Earth the characters have all grown up. They’ve done some incredible stupid things,  yet they’re, forming a tighter group. For once Clark did the right thing and did not complain a bit[ clapping] Clark’s inner strength was released this season.

The moment where Bellemy  told Pike he was wrong to look at the grounders as different was  brilliant. If Pike had not gone dictator and killed the grounders all the pain and suffering would have never happen. They would have joined forces to defeat ALIE much sooner, so I have no problem with Octavia, murdering him. For a brief moment I thought that she may hug Pike, but nope. Sad that she could not forgive him, yet the scene left me, smiling. I think Octavia will be  a total beast in season four.

submission tom hiddleston loki the avengers seduction


The conversation between Clark and ALIE reminded me of when Jesus talked to the devil in the wilderness.  That’s Luke4:1-13 yall! Satan promises Christ he can get him anything he wants no questions asked. ALIE kind of does the same with Clark.  In the City of Light they would have been safe, yet they would have no free will. Without free will we’re basically Sims. As human’s we screw up. We make mistake after mistake. Even after all of that we find a way to recover. We always do. Like wise is when Monty told Jasper that they’ll never be happy. In life there is moments of sadness and times of joy. It’s all a part of life. I love it when a fictional series can make so much sense for real life events.


What are your thoughts on the Season Three finale? Let me know below in the comment Section.






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