Survivor Kaoh Kong Finale Preview and Thoughts on the Season

Survivor Koah Kong season finale is this Wednesday night. The thirty second season of CBS’s hit reality TV series Survivor has been hectic to say the least.  This had been one of Survivor’s best season’s in my book. This season’s twist was,  matching up a group of brains, beauty’s and brawns against each other to see which could outwit, outlast, and outplay to become this season’s  soul survivor.  Wednesday night’s show will be two hours long.


Overall I really enjoyed the cast from this season. There really had not been any terrible contestants. Usually there are at least three contestants I cannot stand. There were a few villains, like Kyle Jason and Scott Pollard  of the brawn tribe, yet they were clever to watch until their eventual demise. Some fans disliked  Nick Maiorano, but he did not seem so awful to me.  Many of the contestants  from this season were very cool. There was more trust and honesty between the Survivors which is pretty abnormal for this show. Debbie Wanner was the  most colorful contestant.  She wasn’t the brightest player, yet she made the episodes fun and entertaining while she remained a part of the tribe.



One huge twist from  this season is how many of the contestants were medically evacuated from the show. Celeb Reynolds was the first to go home early. I was crestfallen to see Neal Gottieb leave early at a point in the game where he could have turned the tables on his enemies. Last week we saw  Joseph Del Campo leave as well. Three contestants had never been medically evacuated, during the same season before. This only proves how exhausting  this competition really is. It’s called Survivor for a reason, so I’ll keep being a fan and watch safely from home.

This now leaves us with the remaining four competitors: Aubry Bracco, Michelle Fitzgerald, Cydney Gillon, and Tai Trang.  I really like  all of the remaining players. Each of them had played to their strengths. They’ve shown us good reasons to why they should win although some members of the jury might disagree. IMO Aubry is one of the greatest Survivor players ever! Nothing has gone right for her game, yet she’s found ways to stick around. She does not play with emotion. Her intelligence is her greatest strength, yet she’s comical and held her own in  the challenges. I’m really hoping she makes the finals and wins, yet there is three other players, standing in her way.  Cydney comes across as chilled and down to earth. She doesn’t play around which I respect about her. Her decision to leave Scott and Jason was a very wise move. I think she may have the best chance of winning if she makes the finale.

 Michelle has sort of gone under the radar. She seems friendly and honest which has helped her get this far. If she can make the finale with Tai I give her a greater chance of winning.  Lastly there is Tai Trang. Tai is a strange little dude, yet you have to love him.  He’s been the most quirky and relentless player. Tai had backstabbed a few members of the jury, so I do not think he’ll win, but  we will have to see what happens. A trip to the finale is still pretty awesome. It’s also very cool how there is a chance the final 3 could consist of players from  each of the  brain, brawn, and beauty tribes.

Do you watch Survivor? If so, let me know what your thoughts are on this amazing season in the comment section below!



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