The Smelly Forest- Short Story

It was a dark and mysterious night. As the wolves howled at the crescent moon above a haunting smell filled the air. It smelled like a bundle of dirty, rotten socks and wet dog. The smell carried out for weeks and weeks, bothering the townsfolk. Wherever they went the smell was close by. The smell made babies upset. It also made  elderly folks with poor eye sight cry. The smell was so awful it even turned everyone’s milk sour.


“ I cannot take it any longer,” Mr. Dullard a pudgy  farmer muttered while, eating his roast”  boys come with me. We’re going to find out where this distressful smell is coming from,” he ordered although his wife  who goes by Prudence begs the man to stay or go alone, so their son’s will not be in danger, yet he brings them with anyways. So the man and his two sons left their tidy home and ventured into the forest. Not only was there a  nasty smell, yet a cloud of dark fog covers the woods. The fog feels like acid on their skin.


“ Father I cannot see a thing,” his youngster son  said. He tried, blocking his nose with two of his little fingers to hide from the smell. With his other hand he covers his eyes to keep them from, burning in the fog. Neither does not help him escape the pain. Mr. Dullard shakes his head.


“ Stop, acting cowardly son,” he   responds, shaking his right fist” we must find out where the smell is, coming from,”  yet his outburst does not fear the boy. He returns home from the path they had started, weeping in pain. The other son remains at his father’s side.  Further along the way him and his oldest son come across a family of bears. The bears are cuddled together, ignoring the men. The smell is even bothering the wildlife.


“ If not for the awful smell I’d skin those bears,” Mr. Dullard scoffs at his son. His oldest son nods his head in agreement, yet  he did admired the beasts, protecting each other.



Deeper into the forest they go. The fog had vanished, yet the smell is stronger here.


“ Father I’m thirsty,” the oldest son tells his father. Again Mr. Bullard shakes his fist now at his oldest son.


“Can’t you see that the smell has grown stronger? We’re so close to figure out what is the cause of this horrid scent. Stop  whining and move forward,” he yells, yet  now his oldest son retreats, leaving his father alone in the woods. Mr. Dullard now  feels afraid, yet his boldness carries him forward. The further he gets the smell grows worst. Plants in the area had either died or are decaying, because of the smell. His eyes begin to bleed and his mouth waters, yet he does not stop, searching for the smell. His curiosity keep him from, stopping the search. His thirst keeps him driven until  his body finally collapses. A moment before his death the father thinks about the most important things from his life, wishing he could have got more time with his  wife and son’s instead of, chasing after a rotten smell. The witty part is that the awkward smell completely vanished as the man took his final breath. No one had seen Mr. Dullard since. For many years,  parents would tell their children to not act like Mr. Dullard such a nutter.

{ I hope you guys enjoyed this short story. Like with most creative writing ideas this one popped into my head].



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