How to be a Creative Writer

Hey guys what is up? Lately I’ve been, writing a lot since I’m on summer break.  I  have at least three stories that I hope to publish someday, so the sooner I get them completed the better. Writing can take a lot of time away from our days.  I’m like a bipolar writer. One week I’ll complete an entire story. Other weeks I cannot even hold my pen or type out a single word.  It can be a struggle, yet I have found a few clever ways to defeat the struggle.

  1. Music

Whenever I’m in a creative mode to either write a story or a blog I listen to my jams. IMO music is like a story itself. It helps me to relax and really open my mind.

2. No Writing


If I’m not in the mood to write or am eager to write, yet have no clue I find it best to not write at all. I think many writers have this idea that they must finish everything in a certain amount of time which stresses us out. Don’t think like that. Many creative stories took years to be published, so if it takes you or me another year or two to complete and publish a story don’t feel bad at all. Turn on Netflix or YouTube, go to the beach, or text a friend. Just chill!

3.  Get Advice


One of the best ways I overcome writers block is by, getting advice. The internet brings us together. There is Google, YouTube and many websites where a writer or anyone can get help. It’s so mind blowing how simple it is to find help today.

4. Get Motivated

Exercise is a great way to get motivated. Stay hydrated.  Read lots of books. I’ve found out what type of author I am by reading books by authors who write like me.

5. Stay Positive

Don’t be super critical of your writing. There is no such thing as perfect literature. Even if the story is not so great, at least it was written by yourself. Most of the stories we write will never be published. God gave us the ability to create and imagine. JK Rowling took her talent and did something amazing and magical. That is pretty awesome.


I hope my tips are helpful. If you have any ideas on how to get into a creative mode to write let me know in the comment section below!


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