City of Bones The Mortal Instrument Series Book Review

Have you ever read a book that really gets your attention? Like each page continues to grapple your mind like moss on an old tree stump? If so, maybe you read a book like City of Bones of the Mortal Instrument series by Cassandra Clare. if you have not read this story I’d recommend you to do so.


So what is City of Bones about? It is an urban fantasy about  a fifteen year old girl  named Clary Fray. At a  Pandemonium club in New York City[ like a club for emo’s] she witnesses a youth being murdered by three extraordinary teenagers[ who have tattoos and ancient weapons].  Now this boy is not actually a boy at all. In fact, He’s really a demon. Guess who hunts these demons? If you had guessed Shadowhunters then you’re correct! Shadowhunters are humans,  born of angel blood. The  goal of a Shadowhunter is to defeat and destroy every demon they come across. Not an easy task, yet it’s pretty entertaining.  At first, Clary thinks they’re insane, yet when her mother is kidnapped and  another demon attacks Clary she’s ready to roll with the Shadowhunters. Along the way, her best friend Simon gets transformed into a rat. What a dilemma. Clary also finds out the truth about her father. He’s not such a nice guy.

Overall I really enjoyed this story. IMO  the ending kind of dragged on, yet my interest to read more is still strong. This story is a perfect fantasy.  I really like how Cassandra Clare took information from religion and created this epic fantasy. Epic authors do that.  The characters are as good as the plot.  The commentary is genius. I’m definitely, shipping Clarry with Jace. My favorite characters of all are Clarry, Jace, and Simon.  Isabella is pretty awesome as well as Alec although he is kind of rude.  Just chill dude. Valentine is the worst father ever. Luke Skywalker should be happy with Darth Vadar as his papa.

City of Bones was a fun adventure to read. I can now see why this series brings Emmabooks so much joy. It’s that good!  Have you guys ever read any of the books from the Mortal Instrument series? If so let me know below!


2 thoughts on “City of Bones The Mortal Instrument Series Book Review”

  1. So glad you enjoyed this! I LOVE these books so much – one of my favourite series. I think Cassandra Clare does such a good job with characters – they really feel like real people. Excited to see what you think of the next book 🙂

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