What is Eating Gilbert Grape Movie Review

Young Glibert Grape has to care for his mentally ill brother Arnie, his overweight mother as well as take  care of the rest of his siblings. Glibert works at a small grocery  store within a forgettable town. Gilbert Grape is a dreamer. He thinks about what his life could be like, yet never really has the chance to go for it. Eventually a young woman named  Becky ventures into his town with her aunt. Becky is like the light at the end of the dark tunnel for Gilbert. She’s positive and caring. Becky reminds Gilbert that life is a blessing not a curse no matter what obstacles we face.

Gilbert Grape is an interesting film. The film is quirky, yet touching to everyday life. I find many of Johnny’ Depp’s amateur films or the films he began his career in better than his recent films. He plays that sweet, innocent long haired man so well.  Out of all the amazing character he’s portrayed, Gilbert Grape comes across very real. Gilbert Grape has a lot to deal with at such a young age. He’s not able to leave his small town and go on adventures in bigger cities. He eats at the same diner with his friends weekly. He has to take care of Arnie period. Everyday is like the same. He feels like, giving up, yet Becky enters his life. Becky is a free soul. She’s just happy to be alive.  Gilbert figures out that what you have is special like his brother Arnie. I’m not the biggest Leonard Decaprio fan, but his portrayal of Arnie Grape is so genuine.  Arnie brings a smile to the audience’s face. This film really opens your eyes to what some people have to deal with. Some days I think being like Arnie would not be so bad. He seem pretty happy. I’ve noticed that the people who have less problems seem to be less happy which is such irony. When the  Burger Barn enters the town it’s almost like a glimpse at a brighter future for Gilbert and his siblings.

This film is pretty sad, yet a truly great story. Check it out on Netflix if you have the time.



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