Drake and Josh

For this weeks #ThrowbackThursday I thought i’d go nostalgic and write a  blog about Drake and Josh. Drake and Josh was a hit TV show on Nickelodeon. It ran from 2004 to 2007. Drake and Josh starred musician and actor Drake Bell with comedian/actor Josh Peck as step brothers who are total opposite.  This show was created by the brilliant Dan Schneider whom has created many of Nickelodeon’s top shows, such as All That,  ICarly,  The Amanda Show, and Zoey 101. He also had a part in ten episodes of Kenan and Kel and Good Burger.

This show was a mesh up of slap stick comedy with hilarious catch phrases. It gave off that family show appeal that brought many children joy. Drake and Josh was also well liked by adult audiences. They did many montages of other famous shows’ from scenes out of I Love Lucy, Ghost Busters, Dr. Phil,  The Blues Brothers and many more.This show was so relatable to real life drama like, learning how to drive a car,  dating, building a tree house for a boy who cannot stop crying, or getting your nerdy friends to babysit your grandpa, so you can ride a crazy, wild roller coaster on its opening night. My favorite sets on the show where the movie theater and Drake/Josh bedroom. The side characters such as Helen, Creig, Eric,  Miss. Hayfer and Crazy Steve were amazing characters on the show. Megan aka Miranda Cosgrove became that annoying little sister that everyone cherished. Well maybe not Josh tho. The final episode did not do this show justice, but at least we got the Christmas movie to say far well.

Drake and Josh was a show about two brothers from another mother who always came together to do the right thing or mess everything up completely. They were different, yet still they were family. NOW HUG ME BROTHER!


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