Like Father, Like Son- Short Story

I know you guys really enjoyed the last short story I posted[ Thank you],  so here is another one I created last month. This was for an assignment which we were told not to mention the characters by name.  Character A is a father. Character B is his son. Enjoy 🙂


A. “Son, I believe it is time you get a job.”

 B. I do not want to get a job.”

A. “What do you mean you do not want a job? How will you support yourself without a stable career?”

B. “Ok, so I do want a job, but not any job. I want a specific job.”

A. “What is this job, going to be exactly?”

B.   “I’m   going to become a   rock star. I want to travel from city to city preforming. Good night, London!”

A. “That’s very cool, but not everyone has what it takes to become a Mick Jagger, Paul McCarthy, or Steven Tyler.”

B. “Who are those guys?  I want to be like Billie Joel Armstrong, Patrick Stump, or Jon Foreman.”

A. “Who are they?  I like your courage son, yet you still cannot become a rock star overnight. Do you have a band? What is your band name? Who will be your sponsors?”

B. “Not now, but soon. Uncle Jerry has a band. I can get help from him.”

A. “Yes, but Uncle Jerry’s band isn’t ACDC or Gun’s and Roses. For now  I think you should work someplace nearby like McDonalds or Starbucks. Start small, yet think big.”

B.” Alright. A little extra money will help me start a band and buy instruments. Thanks dad.”

A. “No problem, son. Oh, by the way, how about you try out my electric guitar? It’s in my closet. Practice makes perfect.”

B. “Sure! Wait, you have an electric guitar?”

A. “Yes, did you really believe Uncle Jerry started his band himself? Rock on son.”



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