Superman vs Batman Film Review

Ok I know I’m a bit late into reviewing this film, considering how bad it is doing, but I finally saw Superman vs Batman yesterday. The movie theatre was like empty. I felt like the president, watching films from the oval office.  I did not hate the film, but I did not love it either. Basically it was confusing, but great at  some points, so here we go!!!


So the movie starts  with the iconic, yet overly used scene of Bruce Wayne’s parents, getting murdered outside the theatre. Yes, we have to watch this happen every single time Batman is in a film. It’s a pivotal point in young Bruce Wayne’s life. Could there be an episode of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood where he does not change clothing when he enters his home? No, that would be so wrong and weird. We also had to see him fall into an uncovered hole where a group of Bats levitate him back to the ground above. Pretty cool.

Next they jump into the future where Superman is fighting General Zod in the final scenes from Man of Steel. While the kyrptonian’s are fighting they’re destroying  most of Metropolis’s industries within the city. Who pays for all the repairs to the city anyways? While this is happening some friend of Bruce Wayne dies within a burning building and so does some woman Bruce knew. Bruce comforts the woman’s young daughter although this is the only moment she’s in the film. This mayhem  leads Bruce Wayne to  hold a grudge against the Man of Steel. What is Bruce Wayne, doing in Metropolis anyways? I guess Gotham and Metropolis are a separated by a body of water.

The government also has a problem with Superman. Can’t they just leave us alone? They actually want him to stop, saving people, because sometimes it does not always go according to plan.  Why so serious? This brings in billionaire maniac Lex Luthor. He acts a lot like The Joker which makes me sad. I like the Smallville version of Lex Luthor so much more. So gritty and stern. Lex holds a dinner at Lex Corp where Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meet.  Diana Prince aka Wonderwoman enters the film here. I think Bruce has a crush on her. Superhero couple! Anyways  Lex creates a plan to make Superman kill Batman. If not, he’s going to kill Martha Kent. So evil!

Superman goes over to Gotham to fight the Cape Crusader. Batman turns on the Bat signal which means ITS ON!  Batman nearly kills Superman, but  the fight comes to a halt when Superman keeps, mentioning the name Martha Kent. Batman gets confused and keeps, shouting” who are you talking about?” at Superman, but he cannot respond since Batman is holding a kryptonite infected spear over his neck. They would have been, arguing for hours if not for Lois Lane, saving the day. Such irony.

After, saving Martha Kent, Batman and Superman think they have this under control until they find out Lex Luthor had other plans. He actually created Doomsday! Superman sacrifices himself to defeat Doomsday, saving the world from utter destruction.. Batman and Wonderwoman discuss, creating a team of meta-humans and hero’s to save the planet. JUSTICE LEAGUE!

This film could have been a lot better. The story was very confusing and rushed. Ben Affleck was not terrible as Batman. He  just seems awkward in the role. There have been many Batmen before him tho. Still I really loved the fight scenes. Those were the best part of the film.  I’m hoping DC still makes the Justice League films and other stand alone films for characters like Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, Aqua man etc. The battle over the box office between Marvels Avengers and DC’s Justice League has begun!


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