Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer Review

I do not own the rights to this trailer, so if, using this trailer in my blog is not ok someone let me know and this blog will be deleted in the near future.

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! The trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them looks SO GOOD! We’ve actually gone without any Harry Potter related films since 2011. That is five years. How did we survive? Ok enough procrastinating. Let me give out my,feelings for this fantastic trailer[ did you see what I did there?}

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them takes place about 70 years before Harry Potter was alive. If you believed or assumed this movie was about the boy who lived you’re sadly mistaken. This is actually about another young wizard named Newt Scamander. This film takes place within New York City which adds an American touch to JK Rowling’s British novels. Newt arrives in the Big Apple for a meeting with the Magical Congress of the USA[MACUSA for short]. Newt owns  a briefcase full of magical beasts. Guess some of them escape which is not good news for Newt. He’s suppose to meet Professor Dumbledore,  but I’m not really sure how that greeting occurs.

For now, from the trailer we have only two minutes worth of this film to capture our imagination. This film looks like it could be geared more for adults. That would be cool, considering how much we’ve all grown up, reading this amazing series as youths. On the other hand, the Wizarding World is a pretty fun place for kids as well as adults. I like how they’re still, using Hedwig’s Theme, but that sort of is Harry Potter’s theme song. I really want to know what is inside of Newt’s briefcase. Many are comparing his briefcase to Hermione’s bag, yet it also reminds me of Aggie Cromwell’s[ Halloween town] bag that could walk. He can literally walk inside of his briefcase.

The book, which this film was based on, was actually published back in 2001. How did I go this long without, realizing this? Anywho I really like the idea of this film. Whenever I read Harry Potter as an American I thought” Is there a Hogwarts in America or other parts of the globe?” We do not really know much else about wizards that are not from the UK.  I purchased the book today. I want to read the book very badly, yet I do not want it to spoil the film. We have until November, so there will probably be many spoilers ahead. I’m not listening, I’m not listening!


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