Walt Before Mickey Film Review

Everyone loves Disney. Disney Land and Disney World are like the most magical places on earth. Stepping into Disney is kind of like when Harry Potter took his first steps into Hogwarts. It’s MAGICAL! The films, books, and parks would not be without its creator Mr. Walt Disney. Crazy to think at one time there was no Mickey Mouse, or Donald Duck. This all came about, because of one man’s very big wish from a shooting star.  It also happen, because of a tiny mouse.

Last fall there was a film about Walt Disney which came out in August of 2015. This film sort of went under the radar.  Like I only saw the trailer when I went and saw Tomorrowland.  Sometime this month Netflix got Walt Before Mickey, so of course I watched it ASAP. Overall I liked this film and thought it gave a pretty good narration of Walt Disney’s upbringing. Thomas Ian Nicholas portrayed the entrepreneur  The Walt Disney in this film seem more realistic than the Tom Hank version in Saving Mr. Banks. Tom Hanks’s Walt Disney came across as rude.  It’s amazing to think of all the brilliance behind Disney came from this man’s imagination and hard work ethic. Big dreams can come true.


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